Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Christians In Pakistan Told To Convert To Islam for continuity of a business of selling cooked rice for eating, ‘Otherwise They Will Face Consequences

Why Pakistani Christians for search of a new homeland?Where they can also enjoy religious freedom,freedom of business etc in true words.
Lahore:Today,June,25,2014 ,a Poor Christian man Jabar Masih,who is living at Christian Colony,Village Nahla Lahore, came and informed Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,a Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD how he was threatened and warned by some extremists to stop selling cooked rice.
Jabar is a Poor man who sells cooked rice for eating in his owned shop from which both Christian and Muslim come ,buy and eat.This is very minor business by which he is earning his livelihood.He told that some armed extremists came at his shop and forcibly made closed his shop.They threatened to kill him if he would remain to do this business of selling cooked rice. They also warned him if he wished to run this business then he must convert to Islam otherwise he and his family had to face dire-consequences including filing complaint against him in Police Station.He also shared that he was told by them that Christians were not allowed to run such kind of business.This is crime for Christian if they do such kind of business.
Jabar asked the following things to Mr.Gill.Is it really crime? Could you give us legal assistance? What now we will do?
Gill told him that it was not crime in the eyes of law.LEAD will give you legal assistance where it is needed.You must file complaint against them in the concerned Police station.
"We were threatened that they would burnt our homes as they burnt Joseph colony",told Jabar."We became terrified and desperate due to this act of the extremists",he added.
He further expressed that there was one an other Christian man who was selling fruit,he was also threatened by them to close the shop or convert to Islam.
"I was also attacked brutally by the armed extremists,I had bruises all over my body.Same day, other Christian man was also beaten severely," he explained.
Today ,he has filed a complaint in Police Station Manga Mandi and now see what Police will do for them.
Now the conditions are not easy for Christians when it comes to living in Pakistan, as they have to face problems of faith base discrimination, hatred and insults from the small level to sometimes the high level.
LEAD is an advocacy and free legal aid Christian faith based organization which request to all Human Rights Organizations to stand with us.We request for prayer,wisdom,resources,and health.We are also very much thankful for those who are supporting morally and financially our human rights work in Pakistan.

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