Monday, 14 July 2014

LEAD to challenge Protection of Pakistan Act,2014 In LHCL

Lahore: Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,a Human Rights Defender and chief of LEAD has criticized the Protection of Pakistan Act, 2014,and told they will challenge in Lahore High Court ,Lahore.
Gill terms the Protection of Pakistan Act,2014 unconstitutional and against the fundamental and human rights.This new law is in violation of Article 4,9,10 of the constitution of Pakistan.

“This Act is unconstitutional and repugnant to the fundamental rights.Therefore,LEAD will raise its voice against it ,” Gill said. He said that there is possibility that the new law would turn the country into a police state as a Grade-15 police officer could issue shooting order to his subordinates.This law would be a new instrument of persecution poor,marginalized and member of minority sects and particularly labor class.

He said that the Act empowered law enforcement agencies including police to keep a suspect in detention for 60 days and we know Police make any suspect.This new law would also be misused against member of civil society.The rich will misuse it against the poor to oppressed them.

We at LEAD also urged the lawyers community and human rights defenders to raise their voice against the draconian law and stand firmly against this black law.We also protest on different forums against the new law.

In Pakistan there are already some controversial and discriminatory laws which should be repealed or at least to be amended up to this level that they would not be misused.The most controversial law is blasphemy law that should be repealed which is a hanging sword on Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan.  

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