Thursday, 17 July 2014

LEAD Protest Over Torture and Injustices with brick kiln workers

LAHORE: LEAD protested and expressed its concern over injustices being held with brick kiln workers and their physical torture by brick-kiln owners.Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,a Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD said under the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan,1973 it was strictly prohibited to take force work but brick kiln workers were behaved as if they were slave and Kiln owners take work from them forcibly with lesser wages. 

Bashir said the labour class was constrained to take advance payment as loan because of low wages. Afterwards even next generations are unable to payoff the loans. And in this way the slavery is transformed from one generation to another generation. 

During protest,Sakina Bibi,a social worker and midwife expressed that pregnant women are being given poor diet during pregnancy,which have long term impact on Child's Health,the mothers who eat an unhealthy diet during pregnancy may be putting their children at risk of developing long term, irreversible health issues including obesity, raised levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. 

Yousaf,one Brick kiln worker, added that they come know many cases of such physical torture in which "the victims “ become injured and cannot be able to work to earn a livelihood for their families and they are terrified and under fear ; and often they do not dare to register complaint against brick kiln owners who torture them due to their being influential figure.

Pakistan is one of the countries where forced work is taken from laborers even in this post-modern era.Tens of thousand of people are living their lives like slaves even in these days too when the world has become as a global village.

We at LEAD demand the government to all brick kilns should be registered and the kiln workers should be registered with social security department.Wages of laborers in all Pakistan should be made implemented which were set by the Government and also it should be implemented.The kiln owners should be handled strictly by laws if they torture the laborers.

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