Saturday, 9 August 2014

Firing at home of Human Right Defender

Lahore:Today at about 10:40 PM,there were shooting at home of Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,a Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD,the incident happened when his younger brother and two other men were standing in front door of the home of Mr.Gill .The three ran away when the shooters fired straight towards them.In this shooting one neighbor (Muslim)injured.After spreading terror the shooters fled away from the spot.

 Immediately the people of locality  got together and Mr.Gill called on 15 and police reached the place occurrence and took the statements of injured and other two men including Mr.Gill's brother.
We ate LEAD condemn this sad incident and demand that authority must arrest the culprits and also provide security to Mr.Gill and his family.We also ask all of you to pray for Mr.Gill and his family.We belief  that Mr.Gill is being targeted due to his human rights work because last year in November same kind of incident happened with him.   

 Mr.Gill Human Rights Defender who recently has pledged to do all he can to help free Asia Bibi.On June,24,2014 LEAD filed petition in Lahore High Court,Lahore for the re-fixation of earlier hearing of Asia Bibi's appeal case which was heard on June 25th.The Court  ordered to office of Lahore High Court to explore the scope of fixation of appeal hearing of Asia Bibi near future and ordered for submitting report within three days which was submitted on June 27th.Again the petition fixed for June 30th,the Court told the lawyers that according to the report, submitted by the Office of LHC,the appeal of Asia Bibi proposed to be fixed for September 9,2014 and on this order of the Court the petition disposed off after the lawyers' consent.

In November 2010,Asia Bibi,a Christian mother,was convicted under section 295 C PPC and sentenced to death.Since from the accusation to death conviction,she is languishing in jail and is awaiting her appeal decision which is now pending in the Lahore High Court.Her appeal hearing is being cancelled consecutively five times.The last one time, it was postponed when the counsel for the complainant did not turn up.

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