Friday, 7 November 2014

The kiln Bonded Work And Modern Slavery: Is The Fate of Christian

PAKISTAN: The bonded labor in Pakistan is a disease and the kiln work is a modern slavery.The kiln work is considered Christian's work because the majority of the kiln workers are Christian.The work of sweepers is also rated for Christians and  it is advertised in all Government departments that  the sweepers seats are reserved only for Christians.
This is also a mindset and an instrumental strategy of the Landlords.These brick kiln owners can snatch the freedom of thought and freedom of movement of these kiln workers by giving them advance loans which goes generation to generation and they can not be able to pay back to get their freedom which is their constitutional right to have and enjoy it.
The children of brick kiln workers have no future except to adopt the profession of their parents because they have no access and resources to get education which can make their future. 
The Most Horrible Martyrdom In The History of Pakistan,Could Be The First Drop of Rain Towards the Extinction Of  Bonded Labor and Modern Slavery? 
It is being discussed that if the Christian couple has the right of freedom of movement then they had a chance to save and to rescue themselves from the enraged mob attack and they could have a chance to not be roasted alive on 4 November in the alleged desecration of Quranic pages.
In the whole world,every man's eyes have in tears and first time in the history of Pakistan,the resound of non extremism and non violence is being heard from all elements of the society and they scolded the slavery and bonded labor by condemning the brutal and inhumane behavior of the religious charged mob and mind set which beaten ,paraded naked and burned alive the innocent Christian husband and wife.
We have to pledge to do whatever we can do to get them release by adopting the families involved in bonded labor and slavery and to take step to contribute in the future building of the children of these brick kiln workers who are much vulnerable children of the world.We urged to all individuals and the organizations to stand with us to abolish the slavery and bonded labor from the whole world specially Pakistan after the happening this inhumane incident.

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