Sunday, 9 November 2014

LEAD Protest Against Brutal Killing Of The Christian Couple And Demand Justice for Them

KASUR:LEAD held a protest march demanding the wrongdoers be brought to justice.The government must take immediate bold steps to repeal blasphemy law."The government has absolutely failed to protect its citizens' right to life and property.Said Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender. 

Condemning the alive burning at kiln furnace of Shahzad Masih and his pregnant wife, Shama Bibi,the killing of the couple at the hands of a charged mob was based on a "false accusation of blasphemy."

The protest was organized by LEAD,and participated by Pastors of all denominations including Catholic and Protestant.The demonstrators chanted slogans and brandished placards protesting the ongoing religious persecution in Pakistan, demanding an end to the injustices and abuses related to the blasphemy laws. 
The Police deliberately failed to save the couple and claiming that they were unable to do so because the mob was outnumbered.The Police mostly would be unable to save if the blasphemy accused is Christian. 

Christians in Pakistan are not safe unless and until blasphemy law are present and the purpose to promulgate of these laws is just to persecute them.These laws are grave violation of human rights.They should be repealed immediately and we request that west should play its constructive and effective role in it and must speak with us. 

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