Sunday, 23 November 2014

Supreme Court Took Notice on Kot Radha Kishan Incident

PAKISTAN:The Supreme Court finally took Sue Moto notice to the Punjab Government to submit a report within three days and ordered an investigation in Kot Radha Kishan tragedy of burning alive Christian Husband and Wife in the alleged desecration of Quranic pages.

Cousins of the Pakistan Christian couple burned to death say they are being pressured to drop their calls for a criminal case and demand the government to protect them.The other Christians of the villages Rosa and Bhail also are being threatened to face dire consequences by those who are main suspects and also by those whose relatives suspects were arrested.

One man from Bhail village came to Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender and told that Muslims from the concerned villages are making threats by saying that there is now started enmity between Muslims and Christians after the Police raiding on Muslims' homes.

Actually there is a mind set who consider Christians infidels and they wish to make them convert from their faith by hook or by crook and  simply they can involve very easily  any  Christian in blasphemy case.

In recent a leader of a well known Political Party gave his remarks in a live TV Show about Christians calling them infidels (Kafir) commenting on incident of burning a Christian couple alive in Kot Rada Kishan on November 4, 2014.

Asia Bibi's husband,Ashiq Masih, has sent an open letter to President of Pakistan,Mamoon Hussain,to pardon Asia Bibi death sentence in blasphemy, so that they can move safely in abroad and settle there to avoid any attack from any extremist.

Last year in April,Lahore High Court overturned the death sentence of a Christian,Younas Masih,convicted under “blasphemy” laws and ordered him released in the same offence as of Asia Bibi. The blasphemy accusation on him has ruined his family and he is still living in hiding here and there to save himself. 

Living in a land of 97% Muslims, the Christians in Pakistan have the fear of persecution all the time in the guise of threats, attacks, discrimination and hatred but one intimidation that hovers on them every time is the blasphemy laws. The lives of blasphemy accused always under hanging sword during trial or in jail or even after release from the jail.                        

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