Friday, 9 January 2015

A Mentally Unstable Blasphemy Accused Shot Dead By Unknown Men After Release From Prison

TAXILA:The Muslim man reportedly  52-year-old Abid Mehmood alias Abid Kazzab, owner of a hotel and lived in Village Kamra. It was said that he had claimed himself as a prophet in October 2011 and his son in law,Sadaqat Ali,got registered a blasphemy case against him under Section 295-C of PPC.

After registration of FIR Abid was arrested and sent to jail. He was released from Adyala jail a few days ago after about two years because of his mental and physical condition which was examined and verified by a board of doctors at the Rawalpindi District Headquarters Hospital.

Reportedly on Tuesday, 6 January ,2015, some masked men forcibly took him from his home in Ahatta area and his bullet-punctured  body was found on next day in uninhabited area near Usman Khattar Railway Station.

Moreover which is unbearable ,when his dead body was brought  to the village for his burial, an enraged mob gathered there and did not allow members of his family and other relatives to bury it in the local common graveyard. Latter he was buried in the courtyard of his own home.

The blasphemy law is increasingly becoming an  overwhelming weapon in the arsenal of religious extremists . Last year on 4 November,2014,a Christian husband and wife were burned alive on false allegation of desecration of Quranic pages by an enraged Muslim mob. By this act of alive burning of Christian couple , they have created a climate of fear among religious minorities particularly Christians.

Today , Younas Masih , who was death convicted under section 295 C and released after acquittal from Lahore High Court last year in April,2013,met with Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill.He told that he was in hiding till from his release from jail.He further told that he always remained in fear and his life is insecure of religious extremists and this news made him more terrified and insecure.

There are a number of trial and appeal cases of blasphemy pending in different courts including Asia Bibi appeal case which is pending  in the supreme court of Pakistan.

We at LEAD request you to support our work and stand with us for the rights of life and property  and  for religious liberty and stand to discourage religious intolerance and extremists.

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