Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Masked men firing at Catholic Church and School and two injured

LAHORE: Yesterday 24 March, 2015, two masked motorcyclists open fire on policemen guarding St. Peter’s Catholic Church and High School in the Girja Chowk area of Township, Lahore.In the result of firing two passersby injured.

It is informed to Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender who heads LEAD by Hadayat Bashir advocate, a local resident of the area, that the firing incident happened around about 2:00 pm and at that time school was vacant and a few establishment members were over there.
Reportedly no one from Church and school was injured. The police is confident to track down the perpetrators from the Church CCTV's footage which they have obtained from the Church and the deployed police constables bravely resisted the attackers and those attackers fled away from the crime scene.

"It is unbelievable how the militants in broad daylight targeted and fired at the Church and fled away as they did nothing in the metropolitan city which show that the attackers are from local militants groups",said Gill.

We urge Government to take strong measures to eliminate the militants wings from society and to take legal action without discrimination of faith and religions.

We demand justice in the twin suicide attacks at Youhanabad Churches and behind the crime scene elements should be exposed. This incident once again created a fear of insecurity amongst Christian community and they believe that the matter is being dealt with discrimination.

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