Thursday, 2 April 2015


KASUR: Yesterday 1 April,2015 at about 12:45 pm brother of Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender,chief counsel of LEAD attacked and shot by a Muslim man.

Gill,as a legal counsel, is taking in these days the case of two minor sisters Farzana and Sehrish who were abducted and gang-rapped by five Muslim men turn by turn whole night at Chak Number 651/2 G.B Jaranwala. In which one co-accused Muhammad Azeem was granted bail and released from jail.On 13 March,2015,he submitted his power of attorney in trial court Jaranwala and on 17 March,2015,he filed cancellation of bail petition in Lahore High Court under petition No.3482/15 which was fixed on 30th March,2015.

The accused Muhammad Azeem with the help and support of some local gunda elements, who are notorious drugs dealers, approached first Gill's brother namely Pervaiz Gill and requested for compromise for gang-rapped case.He said that he could not do anything in this matter because he has no concern with the case.On this refusal,they approached Gill and asked for the same demand of compromise which was declined to accept their illegal demand by Gill.He refused by saying that he is complainant and for compromise the sole authority is the complainant.

On 1st April around about 11:15 am a Muslim man,Muhammad Bilal alias Babla ,who is notorious drugs dealers and gunda of the area stopped Gill's brother on the way when he was coming back home and threatened him to face dire consequences and also threatened that he would see his brother on this some hot-words and quarrel started and on the intervening of some local neighbors the quarrel was ended and Gill's brother reached home.
At about 12:40 pm,Muhammad Baagh Blaqia ,the father of Muhammad Bilal who attacked and shot, along with some neighbors reached the home of Gill and he requested for compromise and also apologized on behalf of his son and requested him not telling his brother and not taking any legal actions.On this Gill's brother has forgiven his son and he insisted to come along with them towards their home for compromise with his son.On the request of other neighbors Gill's brother went along with them towards his home,they just reached at their home and his son shouting at Gill's brother how dared you Christians to not acting their order for gang-rapped case compromise and pointed pistol at Gill'brother and said 'run to save his life now' and attacked and shot at Gill'brother.One bullet shot and hit at the lower back of Gill's brother and he was injured.Immediately,he was shifted to local civil Hospital and they refused to admit him and referred for Jinnah Hospital,Lahore where he was admitted and operated and bullet was taken out from the body.
The complaint for registration of FIR and for protection was submitted at City Police Station Phool Nagar ( Bhai Pheru) in which Sardar Mushtaq Gill himself is a complainant.The case FIR NO.94/15 under section 324 PPC ,dated 1 April,2015 was registered at City Police Station Phool Nagar. The.The perpetrator yet has not been arrested by Police but pressure for compromise has been extended towards Gill and his other family members.

The complainant of the gang-rapped case Ilyas Masih was also threatened to face dire consequences and revenge on 10th February 2015 at 17:30 two men on motorcycles stopped outside Sehrish and Farzana's house, in village Chak no. 651/2, Jaranwala with a loaded repeater gun.These men  shouted out that they  were the relatives of the boys Shahbaz, Asif and Azeem who raped Sehrish and Farzana and that the girls deserved to be raped as they were unwanted Christians in Muslim lands and FIR No.66/15 has been registered at police station against the perpetrators.
On 22 March,2015,again Ilyas Masih Complainant of the gang-raped case and the two Christian witnesses of the case were threatened by Muhammad Azeem and Asif for compromise regarding this incident the complaint diary no.272-SP/J  in the office of Superintendent Police Jaranwal has been submitted by Ilyas Masih,the same was submitted in High Court Lahore during arguments.arguments. Ilyas Masih is being continually threatened in this case.  

This case of gang-raped was entrusted to LEAD by BPCA for free legal assistance. The fight for justice and against inequality will be continued and our campaign against the violation of human rights and for religious liberty shall not be discouraged by such perpetrators and their actions.Our request to pray for speedy recovery of Gill's brother and for the safety of his family members. 

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