Monday, 19 October 2015

Harassment and threats continue against human rights defender

Pakistan: Today,Monday 19 October ,2015 at about 10:50 am, Mr.Sardar Mushtaq Gill ,Human Rights Defender received a phone call on his cell phone from an unknown number, the person told his name Amtiaz Aalam and he warned and threatened to Mr. Gill to stop highlight the issues particularly concerning Christians' religious discrimination and blasphemy laws due to what he stated are them “anti-Islam and government”, as well as demands that he stop working for human rights and religious discrimination for his good and called him as a traitor and spy. He also threatened that many would be disappeared from the surface and hit to be killed by vans. He pointed out as a reference of one of his recent cases of a Christian head teacher Saddique Azam who was violently beaten by three Muslim teachers who objected to a Christian being given the post of head teacher. He warned that it was in their knowledge what there is being done and why? This is the case in which Pakistani secret agencies intervened immediately to resolve the issue and it was worked and highlighted by Mr.Gill.
Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender provide free legal assistance and advocacy to those victims of Human Rights Violations such as victim of blasphemy laws, sexual assault, forced marriages,forced conversion and victim of religious discrimination who can not afford to pay heavy legal cost of lawyers. He is campaigning against the discriminatory laws which are being abused against religious minorities. Despite of life threats and attacks against Mr.Gill and his family the human rights work will be continued for persecuted.

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