Friday, 27 May 2016

Blasphemy victims and unending sufferings

PAKISTAN: It is shocking behavior of religious extremists which engulfed three innocent Christians in the fire of false blasphemy cases within a month whose always end result is admittedly death for victims. 

A Christian sweeper, Imran Masih, was accused of watching an Anti-Islam video clip in his mobile phone and he saved himself by gone into hiding after the Fatwa was issued and later the whole Christian community of village has to suffer the hatred of Muslims of the area. The issue was yet in air to resolve that another alleged case of so called blasphemy against a Christian girl, Sonia Bibi, was surfaced of insulting Muslims by using a poster to sit on in her home. The third case of blasphemy took place in Khanpur Canal area in Sheikhupura in which a Christian automobile worker, Usman Liaqat, was accused of making a blasphemous post on Face-book who is reportedly still disappeared from the scene.

"It is the fact that for their survival a long term assistance is  needed to be provided for their rescue mission if the right of life to be assured for the blasphemy victims and for this the committed defenders come forward for their defense," said Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender.

He further stated that there were situations of threats in such like cases, as the assassination of two high profile political figures,extrajudicial killings of the accused,the defense lawyers and the judges.As part of that, as a lawyer and defender he was attacked and his family after getting death threats which is still continued where they said they were going to attack him again and he believe that, sure, all of this create many situations which thwart you mentally and physically but in-spite all these sufferings you have to defend and to save the victims from the clutches of deadly weapon of blasphemy laws.

We at LEAD request you all to stand and to raise your voice and to pray for the victims and their defenders because without prayers we do nothing to assist them in the time of need and their sufferings.

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