Sunday, 22 May 2016

Kidnapped Parents and sister of human rights defender Sardar Mushtaq Gill rescued

LAHORE: Yesterday on May 22,2016 at about 03:45 PM parents and one married sister of Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender,were kidnapped from bus stop of Village Kot Usad Ullah Khan Manga Mandi by an unknown car driver and rescued after kidnapping incident registered in Police Station Manga Mandi by rescue 15 Ref.360734.

According to details,Father (60) ,Mother  (62) and one sister (38) of Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender,went to Village Kot Usad Ullah for condolence of one relative's death.After condolence they were at bus stop for coming back home in the meanwhile one unknown person on a car reached near them and told them that he was sent by Mr.Gill to pick up them hence they sat in his car.The kidnapper turned the car in opposite direction towards Lahore instead to home and then he drove it speedily when the car reached at near Baath Village there was suddenly rush of vehicles on high way road due to which the car stopped and the mother and the sister of Mr.Gill were seated at back seat of the car immediately opened the door of the car and alighted from the car in the meanwhile the kidnapper appointed a pistol at Father of Mr.Gill and again ran the car speedily.

The abuctees mother and sister informed the whole episode to back their family and Sardar Mushtaq Gill along with other family members reached at the place of occurrence and the matter was got registered to Police on rescue no.15.The formal complaint application has also been submitted at Police Station Manga Mandi,Lahore to register FIR against the unknown kidnapper and the oral statements of abductees have also been recorded by the Police investigator and the crime occurrence places also have been visited by the police for legal action.

At evening about 08:30 pm,the  father of Mr.Gill also reached at home and he told that as the car reached at the Police Check post Thokar bypass,Lahore ,the kidnapper talked on phone with someone about the police 15 call and he stopped the car faraway from the police check post then he himself opened the door of the car and pushed me out from the car,in this way the abductee father of Mr.Gill to be rescued due to action of rescue 15 call of Police.

"I couldn't perceive actual agenda of the kidnapper when he appointed a pistol at me he also asked why my son takes religious cases," told the abductee father of Mr.Gill.

On the other hand,the Police of Police Station Manga Mandi is reluctant to chalked out FIR against the unknown suspect to trace-out him for further taking criminal initiative to arrest the kidnapper.

In these days Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender along with his team of LEAD,is following and assisting the case of Shahzad and Shama , a Christian couple burned alive for alleged desecrating of Quranic pages on behalf of legal heirs eye witnesses and on May 21 he has submitted an application on theirs behalf for seeking protection and security in the Anti-Terrorism Court II Lahore. 

Mr.Gill and his family have been attacked and harassed a number of times by different ways and he and his family is suffering because of his human rights work particularly due to his brave voice for justice of the Christian couple burned alive and the bereaved victims family.In these days,LEAD is also bravely working for victims of forced conversion and forced marriages cases and within this month two victim girls have been rescued.

"I know my family is also suffering because of my human rights work particularly work for victims of religious violence," Mr.Gill said,"but in-spite of all these sufferings I will not stop to speak for those who can not speak for themselves".

We at LEAD request you all to stand with us and ask Pakistani authority to trace-out the kidnapper and punish him according to law and also provide protection and security to Mr.Gill and his family and team of LEAD so that our peaceful human rights work could be continued without hindrance of non-state actors.

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