Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Teenage Christian abductee recovered from richling’s custody

Vahari: LEAD has confirmed that the abducted teenage Christian girl safely recovered but matter is pending before the court for handing oved to whom family or abductor as she was converted and got married with one of her abductors, 14-year-old Maria Bibi, was abducted by Amjad Ali and his accomplices. The abductee was purportedly sexually assaulted during this period. Initially the police showed reluctance to register a case against the abductor.

Subsequently, an FIR was registered invoking Section 365/B of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against Amjad Ali son of Niaz Mughal. Amjad and his accomplices had raided that house of the Christian minor at around 3:00 am and abducted her at gunpoint. Maria’s grandfather Shahab Masih and mother Bushra Bibi are pleading for the girls’ recovery. “Let my voice be heard in front of the Chief Minister of Punjab,” said Shahab Masih and finally police recovered the victim and handed over back to the family.

In Pakistan, abduction of girls from minorities’ communities has been on the higher side since years. These girls after abduction are sexually assaulted, forcibly married to the abductors and forced into conversions. A report compiled few years back detailed that every year about one thousand minorities’ girls are abducted and forced to convert.

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