Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pastor's sister kidnapped for sexual abused and forcibly converted to Islam.

Pastor Aurangzeb' sister kidnapped by some Muslims when she was coming back home after taking exams.She was raped many days by Muslims Men.
It is common thing in Pakistan that Minority community girls are kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam,recently the case of two Hindu girls high lighted in media because the Hindu are strong financially  and they highlighted on all over the world.
Pastor's sister Muzamal Arif ,student of FA and while taking exams was kidnapped on dated 10 June 2012 and Pastor's brother Naveed Saqib got registered FIR No:267/12 at Police Station City Chunian under section 365/B but no investigation conducted by the police officer of the said police Station.
After conducting the protest of Christians of the area and blocked the road,the Police Officer took some action but gave and presented his investigation report in the court that The girl has accepted Islam and got married with Muhammad Nadeem.
The girl is minor and according to law,it is not permitted to get married during minority but the criminal are very rich and powerful men of locality that's why they are not giving back the kidnapped Christian girl.The Police is also bribed and not willing to take any legal action against the culprits,Mr.Naveed also gave application against the offenders regarding committing rapped with her sister but Police refused to register FIR according to alleged offence in the application.

The fear of forced conversion and forced marriages is common in Christian community from Muslims specially of those who are living in rural area.

We request you all Pastors and Churches to stand with LEAD for raising voice on behalf of Persecuted Church in Pakistan.
We request for support and you can support by giving donation,funds and telling and sharing with your friends and Churches.
LEAD is committed to work for the growth of Church in Pakistan and supporting and defending legally the blasphemy cases.  

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