Friday, 15 March 2013

Blasphemy accused Sawan Masih under police custody and agony of whole Christian Community

Lahore:On dated March 9,2013,an enraged Muslim mob of more than 3000 religious extremists set fire on more than 150 houses of Bedami Bagh's Christians.Almost every person condemned that brutal and terrorist attack on Christians and Punjab and Federal Government announced a sufficient fund for compensation and their rehabilitation.There are many who blamed Punjab and some say in this incident the behind factors and elements,are  of land mafia.Some say this failure of Police and establishment.
According to version of FIR No 112/13 there is not mentioned and valid allegation of blasphemy and on the agitation of Muslims the FIR registered Under Section 295 C PPC at Police Station Bedami Bagh ,Lahore hastily and without proper and fair investigation ,as happened almost in every blasphemy case.
Saleem Masih ,Brother of Sawan Masih,told that his brother was innocent and he had not committed any blasphemy.
His sister wept bitterly and asking about her brother who has wife and 3 children,her wife also worried and weeping about his husband and Children who are asking about their father. 
His Father Chaman Masih was also weeping while telling this tragedy which happened with them,he shared if it should not be happened with his Christians (Sharika)  relatives because he think they will taunt his children.
Christians are feeling insecure in Pakistan and remained always under threats of religious mind set specially due to misuse of blasphemy laws against them .This tragedy created alarming situation in Pakistani Christians.They started to think about their new generation's future and their safety.They say their homes are being constructed but who will construct their broken ,horrified ,terrified minds and hearts.
The solution of this tense situation,is that the demand of Separate Province for Pakistani Christians as Pakistan Christian Congress was and is demanding from last 20 years till now.This notion of separate province is as much important as the presence of Christians in Pakistan.This is not due to only political matters but this is due to clash of faith.The difference is only that Muhammadan has right to say whatever they wish to say and preach but Christians have no such right of religious liberty and expression of religion and thought and free to preach and teach according to Biblical Faith.  
LEAD and PCC request all Christian political,religious and civil society leaders to raise voice with Pakistan Christian Congress for separate province for Christians,where we can live without fear of majority's faith and concepts. 

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