Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Christian youth kidnapped and severely tortured by muslims

 Lahore: June 13,2013(LEAD),on 8 June,2013 Aftkhar Masih sweeper by profession kidnapped at 13:00 PM from J Block Model Town, Lahore when he was on his job by some armed Muslims ,Sajid Ali,Zahoor and two unknown police officials and they kept Masih in their personal private prison cell illegally and unlawfully.He was badly tortured  and beatened  whole night and his urination system was damaged and set free after thumb impression on stamp paper.
 Today Aftkhar Masih and Ashfaq Masih along with thier father met with Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,National Director of LEAD and told their painful and heart breaking tragedy which happened with Aftkhar Masih.
Masih told that a Muslim man Muhammad Sajid on dated 15 May,2013 got registered one FIR NO:558/13 at Police Station Factory Area,Lahore against unknown persons under Sections 457/380 PPC and told police that he had doubt on Aftkhar Masih and Ashfaq Masih and police arrested us,but in investigation we were declared innocent and set free from police custody.
"For Taking revenge from us that ,why Police had declared us innocent,they kidnapped me and confined some unknown place and badly and severely tortured me whole night",told Aftkhar Masih.
"Now I have blood in urine and my legs and arms have severe pain",told Masih,he also shared that they are still threatening me and my family for dire consequences.
LEAD's legal team approached to DSP Model Town and gave one complaint application against said alleged accused who tortured and beatened and made damage the urination system of Christian boy.
LEAD is very hopeful that the alleged accused will be punished by law and justice will be done for the innocent Christian family.
There is no doubt that Christians are being victimised of hatred due to their Christian faith and belief and due to being poor and weak.
 We request your prayers for LEAD team that May God give them wisdom to assist in this case against alleged accused and also request to pray for the fiscal needs of LEAD's work.

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