Saturday, 12 October 2013

The only measure to stop the misuse of Islamic blasphemy laws

LAHORE:To ban the speeches of Muslim Clerics in Mosques against Christians' faith and Holy Book (The  Bible) and also ban the texts of educational books which criticise and falsify the faith of other religions.It should  also be banned the exchange of thoughts on religion at public places,working places and in educational institutions.This is the only measure to stop the misuse and purposeful use of blasphemy laws against religious minorities including Christians.

Today in briefing on the misuse of Islamic blasphemy laws,Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Chief of LEAD and President Punjab PCC,said that Government should take strong steps to stop the misuse of blasphemy laws against religious minorities and particularly against Christians.
First of all this is an addition in Islamic blasphemy laws, which is totally wrong and injustice with religious minorities,and further this addition means to strengthen the misuse of blasphemy laws against religious minorities.

Mr.Gill briefed in press release on the decision of Pakistan’s constitutionally mandated Council of Islamic Ideology who announced that the blasphemy laws are correct and according to Islamic law and spirit.The CII also recommended that the existing blasphemy laws do not require any amendments.The CII only suggested that anyone who wrongly accused a person of blasphemy against Islam must be executed.

We do not agree with this decision and suggestions of Council of Islamic Ideology because this decision has created many apprehensions in our minds,said Gill.

As we are witnessed that Police, lawyers, and judges may also be subject to harassment, threats, and attacks when blasphemy is an issue, and if such addition is possibly made in blasphemy laws then the accuser and his supporters (religious extremists) will place the earth on their heads to make sure the death sentence to the allegedly accused of blasphemy laws.This addition only means to make sure the blasphemy accused to be hanged from the neck till his death.

It is also keep in mind that if a person is arrested in blasphemy case it takes years, sometimes eight to ten years, to prove his or her innocence in courts. Even if honourably acquitted, the innocent victim is not safe” and sometimes “killed inside the jail or after they were released.So it simply means no need and beneficial to make such kind of addition in blasphemy laws.

Pakistani religious and secular authorities admit and aware of the misuse of blasphemy law against minorities by vested interests,but no one dare to say this blasphemy laws shall be repealed or at least shall not be applicable on religious minorities because they do not believe in Islam or its faith.

We are witnessed that from Mosques to educational institutions,the Pakistani generation to nation it is preached and taught that the faith of Christians and other religion is false and The Bible is corrupted book.This is the root cause of the misuse and the purposeful use of Islamic blasphemy laws against religious minorities and particularly against Christians.

It is fact that Pakistan is an overwhelmingly Islamic society, and it is politically impossible to scrap the blasphemy laws or lessen its allowance of capital punishment,and it is also historically fact that these laws were purposefully promulgated.Government must guard against making exceptions and selectivity. Exceptions and selectivity will not promote harmony. If anything, it will only further increase it.So authorities should keep in minds that every person love his faith and believe,no one should be encouraged or supported to condemn or falsify other faith or Holy Book,but making blasphemy laws Government is a guard of making exceptions and selectivity. 

Government has to call upon clerics and religious scholars from all schools of thought and religious groups to help the government check the misuse of the blasphemy law against minorities.The decision of CII is not acceptable because blasphemy laws are being misused against religious minorities and the fate of religious minorities is being decided by Muslim Clerics only. 

We request all our brothers and sisters to stand with us in prayers so that the sword of blasphemy laws be taken away from religious minorities in Pakistan.

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