Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Christian Couple Brutally Beaten, Made Naked And Paraded Around The Kiln,Then Burnt Alive To Death

KASUR:Today 5 November 2014, Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender,head of LEAD met the brothers of Shahzad, how was burned alive along with his wife by a Muslim enraged mob on the alleged desecration of Quranic pages.
These are facts of the case by Iqbal:
Shahzad Masih got married about 8 years ago with Shama Bibi and they had three Children one son two daughters namely Sulman 6 years old ,Sonia 4 years old and Ponam 18 months old.
They are seven brothers including Shahzad and three sisters.They all are married.Shahzad was the youngest amongst them.One brother Fiaz Masih was converted to Islam and he had no contact with him since conversion to Islam.Five brothers had been working at the brick kiln of Yousaf Gujjar for about 17 years as a bonded labours.These are their names elder brother Iqbal Masih,Nawaz Masih,Aslam Masih,Imtiaz Masih,these four were present when the dreadful incident happened because these four and Shahzad were working at the kiln.The one brother namey Shahbaz Masih was working at one other brick kiln as a bonded labourer.
Eight days ago,their father Nazar Masih about 80 years old expired his natural death.He used to do phylactaxy and both Muslims and Christians came towards him for taking phyl for the relief of their disease and psycho problems.
On Sunday 2 November,Shama Bibi collected her father in law's belongings and also gathered some rough papers which she burned and threw on a heap of garbage.One Muslim hawker saw the half burned papers and told to head clerk of the kiln.The hawkers belonged to one of  near  villages and he spread this issue in the villages.When this news came in the knowledge of the kiln owner,he kept the couple hostage in one room for this fear and doubt that if they would flew away from his kiln who would pay back his advance loan.In the meanwhile,the conspiracy was being made against the couple in the nearby villages and on 4 November early in the morning,a charged mob reached at the kiln and in the meanwhile 5 Policemen also reached the scene of the incident.They tried their level best to save the couple and made assured the mob to arrest and to legal action against the couple under blasphemy but the mob were in hundreds and some of the mob climbed the roof and broken it and entered the room where the couple was held hostage.
The mob started beating them with clubs and made them naked ,and then praded them around the brick kiln factory during all this happening,the five policemen were in struggle to save them but the mob were in hundreds due to this the policemen were unsuccessful to save the couple.
The couple was become unable to walk on their legs because the legs were fractured then the mob set the couple on the kiln furnace and burned them alive to death.
All the brothers of Shahzad fled away with their children to save their own lives except of his one elder brother Iqbal Masih who watched all this with his naked eyes and lost his senses at the scene.
Today ,when Mr.Gill was talking with Bishop of Lahore,Rt.rev.Irfan Jamil and the victim's family members,the Bishop told media that the culprits must be punished and should not set free as happened in Joseph Colony incident.Mr.Gill requested to the Bishop that Church should take strong and bold steps against the misused of the blasphemy law and raise the voice for the immediate repeal of the blasphemy law which is purposefully being used as an instrument  of killing against Christians.
Last year in August,the same kind of Quran burning issue was surfaced but the alleged accused was the Muslim and the matter was resolved without killing or alive burning even FIR was not lodged against any one by an agreement in which it was stated that the pages of Quran were burned unconsciously.
Today the half burned Quran was found in Bhai Pheru which was threw out on a heap of garbage and there a large number of Muslims gathered including some local media reporters and clerics.The issue was let gone by saying that this was done by some Muslim because around the place of happening there are only Muslims residents.
So due to this mind set,we are right to say that the blasphemy law is just to forced the non-Muslim to believe that Islam and its faith is true and they are forced to follow it.This is a subtle instrument to persecute Christian and other non-Muslim.
There is much need to promote tolerance in our society and it is need to teach the majority to tolerate the minorities and their faith and respect them as considering them also human being.It is need to educate the peple to respect everyone's religious liberty and faith.Our request you all to be the part of our this campaign so that the extremism and the extremists should be turned towards peace loving people.

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