Thursday, 18 December 2014

The New Trend To Abuse Blasphemy Law:The Litigant Took Revenge By Accusing The Christians In Blasphemy

ISLAMABAD: Today,Rev.B.M Asher informed and confirmed to Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender that on 7 December,2014 a blasphemy case FIR.No 888/2014 was registered under Sections 295-B, 354/148 and 452/149 PPC at Police Station Margalla, Islamabad against 11 Christians by the woman complainant,Naseem Bibi.This case  was registered in revenge and to cross the case of   FIR No. 887/14 under sections 506/148 and 341/149 which was registered against this woman ,Naseem Bibi on a quarrel among them.

Reportedly,it was said that the complainant ,Naseem Bibi was converted from Christian to Islam about 20 years ago and she got married a Muslim man from this marriage they have three children.She wrote in the complaint application that Pastor Karamat Masih, 45 years old, Shafique Masih nick name Noora 32 years old, Yousaf Masih 60 years old, Parveen Bibi ,who is a widow, Bavi Bibi, Nasreen Bibi wife of Yousaf Masih, Shahid Masih 35 years old, Parveez Masih, Tariq Matto, Nabeela Bibi, and Judge Masih and some other  about 50 persons,came to her home and attacked her and she also repordetly accused them that they used some derogatory words  about Islam and Quran.The four of them, Yousaf, Shafique, Shahid and Tariq were arrested and sent to judicial lockup.

Last month,nine Christians in Islamabad had been named in FIR only because their names were found on a list attached to the half burned pages of the Quran.The complainant Naheed Ahmed, who runs a tea stall in Islamabad, lodged a formal complaint FIR No. 596/14 in Police Station Industrial Area on 20 November he found partially burned pages of the Quran when he was returning from the mosque after saying the early morning prayer.

The Majority routinely used blasphemy laws to harass religious minorities and vulnerable and to settle personal scores or business rivalries or just to blackmail them. State’s authorities detained and convicted individuals on spurious charges. Judges and magistrates, seeking to avoid confrontation with or violence from extremists but this is a new trend ,come before us in this blasphemy case, in which the blasphemy law is used in criminal litigation as cross version by a Muslim lady to make weak version of the case which was registered against her and we have fear that this trend will prove more dangerous.

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