Friday, 19 December 2014

Five Percent Job Quota For Minorities But Not Implementation By Departmental Authorities

LAHORE: In a number of cases,we approached and filed a number of petitions in Higher Courts for the execution of five per cent job quota fixed for minorities in all Government set ups which was previously the federal government and the government of Punjab had issued by a notifications in September 2009 and March 2010 correspondingly,but the respective departments continuously violating to implement on this.

Yesterday,a representative of the Christian community, Shoaib Ashraf, petitioned in Lahore high through LEAD's lawyers that Wildlife and Parks Punjab recently advertised some lower posts but did not implement 5 percent seats to religious minorities. Under the law all government departments were bound to implement quota set for religious minorities while making appointments.The concerned member of selection committee has appointed his own son instead from minority.He said that the department was prejudice with him due to his Christian faith and gave wrong data of other candidate about him for and his data for other to the selection committee.

Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender, said,"minorities who initially welcomed the measure are deeply disappointed over non-implementation of the job five percent job quota for minorities. He said the beneficiaries of the job quota were 'not just more than a drop in the ocean' because of religious prejudice and discrimination.

We at LEAD took the concerned officials of the respective departments in many cases to the provincial ombudsman of Punjab. We have complaints that there are some Governments departments which have  not placed deliberately any advertisement for minority jobs.They are doing the same things based on religious prejudice and discrimination with religious minorities and the minority people  were only judged to be good for menial jobs.This is the mind set that systematically is being used against the minorities to make them economically weak but we at LEAD will constantly make efforts to uplift the religious minorities who are depressed and enervated sect of the society. 

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