Monday, 9 March 2015

International Women’s Day Shows Awareness Is Not Enough.Remember,Gang Rape Victim Christian Girls

LAHORE:Today 9 March,2015 , Ilyas Masih ,father of  gang raped Catholic Christian minor girls, came to meet Sardar Mushtaq Gill, HRD Advocate High Court for free legal assistance in the cancellation of bail and for trial of the two cases.
First time an organization based in the United Kingdom BPCA's head Wilson Choudhary approached to Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD on behalf of two Christian minors girls who were gang raped to continue to push for justice and Choudhary promised his group's support in legal cost including travelling cost from Lahore to Jaranwala. This group is also supporting family and doing tireless efforts for the rehabilitation of the victim girls. Now in future both LEAD and BPCA will work together for the cause to defend the rights of persecuted Church.

Ilyas told Gill that on 28 November, 2014 at evening about 06:30 PM his two minors daughters went to nearby field for pee and both did not come back in time. They searched them whole night and they were worried what happened with them. In the morning about 06:00 am, the rapists let them go to home when the both girls came home, they told that three Muslim men Muhammad Asif, Shahbaz and Azeem forcibly on gunpoint took them from field to their home where they committed rape with them turn by turn whole night.

He further told that he submitted a complaint in Police Station against the three alleged accused but the police stroke out the name of the one alleged co-accused Muhammad Asif and registered an FIR No.552/14 under section 376 PPC against two accused Shahbaz and Muhammad Azeem.The both were arrested and sent into judicial lock up.Latter on 09 February,2015 one co-accused Muhammad Azeem applied for bail in the court of Additional and session judge Jaranwala which was granted and he released from jail.

He also said that on 10 February,2015 at evening about 05:30 Muhammad Asif along with one other Muslim man Ghalam Abbas reached at his home and started firing at his door and threatened to withdraw the case otherwise they would have to face dire consequences. He said that he approached the police station and submitted another complaint against the culprits and the case FIR No.66/15 under sections 440/337H2,34 PPC was registered at Police Station Lundian Wala.In this case also the culprits have been given release after accepting their bail.

"We are living under constant fear of attack by the hands of the released culprits and we do not know when they will kill us”, said Ilyas. 

"I just want justice for the wrong and heinous crime which was committed by the culprits”, added Ilyas.

"International Women’s Day Shows Awareness Is Not Enough. Remember,Gang Rape Victim Christian Girls and practically approve the concern for them",said Gill.

Now LEAD will file one petition in Lahore High Court for cancellation of bail and in second petition will ask Court to transfer the case to some other Court where fear of the culprits be lessened then Jaranwal. Despite of legal loops in the investigation to save the culprits,we will try to fight our level best to prosecute the alleged accused. 

The rape victims have to face terrible difficulties and problems. They have not received proper treatment for their sexual assaults. They are being denied for marriage due to this reason many cases of rape do not come to surface.  Their families are being denied justice in routine; they are forced and threatened for compromise. And then Pakistani elites act surprised when there is mass Christian migration from Pakistan and they are seeking asylum in different countries.Here in Pakistan, majority use as an instrument of power over Christian girls because they are vulnerable and defenseless.

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