Friday, 20 March 2015

Police torture to death son of Christian domestic servant mother, after a false accusation of theft case, was exonerated.

LAHORE:On 19 March, 2015 a notorious police tortured murdered case of Christian man, who was murdered in the police torture cell,her mother presented in the court and exonerated the accused including two policemen who were nominated in the FIR No.269/15 dated 8 March,2015 under section 302,506/34 PPC at police station Harbanspura, Lahore.

Tariq Seraj approached and asked to Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender head of LEAD for free legal assistance in this police tortured murdered case.

Yesterday,when LEAD's lawyers along with Gill appeared in the court for legal assistance came to know that Ayesha Bibi,mother of the murdered man,recorded her statement in favor of the alleged accused.
Later on Gill was told that the exoneration was forced to make due to pressure of one political figure.The mother still want justice for his murdered son.

"The police mostly torture poor Christian accused to make happy the rich complainant and investigate the matters on discriminatory bases",said Gill.

"I myself got life threats in this case when pursued to lodge the FIR against Policemen",told Shahzad.

The facts of the Police tortured murdered case:

On 4th March 2015 at 7:00 pm a Christian mother, Ayesha Bibi, was arrested by policemen from Police Station Harbanspura, Lahore, for allegedly stealing 35,000 rupees and gold ornaments weighing close to 100 g. The harassed mother, who worked as a domestic servant for her employer Abdul Jabbar and his family, despite many years of loyal service.

Ayesha Bibi was accused of stealing the items around the 24th of February, while they were at a wedding.  However,she claims she stopped working at the house on 20th February for which she had been fully remunerated. On the 4th of March she received a call from her employers for additional work.  Oblivious of the accusations she was surprised when she was bundled into a car in a frenzied moment of hatred, during which she suffered abuse, accusations and beatings.  

The Police arrested her and placed her in a cell on receipt of the complaint from her employer Abdul Jabbar.They beat Ayesha Bibi with sticks and their fists shouting abuse and accusations in an attempt to force a confession.  The violence of the beatings shattered the bones in her arms, yet despite the pain innocent Ayseha refused to incriminate herself through a false confession.

Eager to bring their investigation to a conclusion in a further abuse of their authority local police, arrested the son of Ayesha, Zubair Rashid Masih from his home.  Three policemen arrived at 7:00 am at his house and violently bundled him into a police car before a number of onlookers. 

Ayesha was forced to watch her son being pulverized before her, whilst the Police threatened her that the beatings would only stop when she confessed to the burglary.  The mother was released later that day but her son was detained, while police tried to force a confession out of him.
That morning at 07:00 a police car crudely dumped the dead body of her son on the street in front of the poor mother's home in the deprived community of Shamsabad.  

Police reluctance to lodge a police complaint known in Pakistan as a "First Information Report" (FIR) led to a mass protest on the main road in front of the local Police station at Iqbal Town which was headed by a local activist Khalid Shahzad. This led to negotiations between local humanitarian NGO's including Shahzad who himself took great pain in this incident,and the Deputy Inspector General (Operations) Dr. Haider Ashraf, Iqbal Town Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Ejaz Doggar and Superintendent of Police (City) Iqbal Khan.

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