Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Justice served In Afghanistan and How long will be delayed to serve In Pakistan

PAKISTAN: Afghan woman brutally lynched on 19 March, 2015 by an enraged Muslim mob in Kabul capital of Afghanistan. She was accused of burning a copy of the Koran, and in response she was beaten, tortured to death, then her corpse was set ablaze.

Reportedly, an Afghan Judge Safiullah Mojaddidi, today Wednesday, 5 May, 2015 sentenced four men to death for the public lynching in Kabul of a 27 years old woman and announced that the convicted Zainul Abiddin, Mohammad Yaqub, Mohammad Sharif and Abdul Bashir would be hanged.

Last year, on 4 November, 2014, a charged Muslim mob about 1500 gathered from surrounding five villages after hearing the announcement from different Mosques’ loudspeakers and the mob attacked a young Christian couple, Shahzad and Shama (she was pregnant), after accusing them of desecration of Quranic pages and later after beating burnt them alive in the brick kiln where they worked. The couple had three minors.

The case is still pending in a Pakistani court and Justice is questing how long it will be delayed to serve for the Christian couple who was falsely accused in the blasphemy charges.

In Pakistan, the investigation is always biased and defective if the matter is concerning with Christians community or poor community from rape to murder cases and from forced marriages to blasphemy cases  even if the civil matter is related to Christians there is no hope of fair report of commission.

We are dealing two gang-rape cases and representing victims in trial courts. In these two cases the investigators dishonestly favored to the accused by making weak prosecution through investigation.In one case,there is medical evidence which shows rape is committed even then the investigator converted it in attempt of rape.  

We wish to see a prosperous Pakistan where justice will prevail and implementation on rule of law should be granted without discrimination of faith and status. This is the challenge for which we at LEAD are trying to contribute.

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