Friday, 25 September 2015

Job vacancies of “janitorial work” requiring the applicant to be Christian a technical way to cover reserved 5% minorities qouta

Pakistan:A controversial job advertisement has sparked widespread anger among the Christians in Pakistan.
According to details, an advertisement was publicized by the Institute of Cardiology in Lahore explaining that only non-Muslims will be eligible to apply for the job of male and female sweeper.

The advertisement has been deemed as a humiliation of the non-Muslims; generally the word non-Muslim here is assumed to be for Christians. These advertisements were widely circulated throughout the country and have sparked great anger among the Pakistani Christians. It has been assumed that low-ranking jobs have been specifically assigned to the Christians.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender who heads LEAD,an organization working for minorities rights, has taken strongly condemned this advertisement and decided to challenge it in High Courts.

“It seems that Government authorities deliberately misleading to cover 5% quota by pointing only Christians on these menial jobs and systematically humiliate Christians in the eyes of the society that they have been limited to specific types of work",told Mr.Gill.

This is not first incident of such religious discriminatory advertisement for jobs vacancies,this has been pointed out that earlier too when two other hospitals namely Lady Wellington Hospital and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, also had publicized advertisements for job vacancies for janitor calling in for a non-Muslim or Christian, as requirements for the vacancy.

"The government has very sharp mind about minority 5% job quota,they cover it by pointing Christian on janitor jobs and filled all other jobs by Muslims and if someone try to challenge it through 5% quota system in courts then authority takes plea that reserved 5%  jobs for minorities had already filled with janitor jobs",added Mr.Gill.

It is not because of caste system rather it is due to Christian faith that they are being set aside to a corner.This is an technical way of persecution by the hands of authorities,it is not only religious discrimination against Christians but also a criminal act of religious defamation.

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