Friday 4 December 2015

A Christian school teacher falsely accused of preaching Christianity

Pakpattan:Farzana Imran,WHRD,women rights Director LEAD condemns the incident of Christian School teacher Marry Javaid in which she is suffering due to a false accusation of preaching Christianity to Muslim girls students.
In line with details, a female Pakistani Christian school teacher Marry Javaid has been fallaciously accused by a Muslim of preaching Christianity among her female students. Marry Javaid who is a teacher at the Government Girls Elementary School in a village of District Pakpattan of Punjab province is under serious threats, consequently.

The accuser, Muhammad Sharif, who is a resident of the area, where Marry Javaid’s school is located approached the Education Department of Punjab and filed a complaint against the Christian teacher.

In his written complaint, Mohammad Sharif maintained that Christian teacher Mary Javaid is dynamically preaching her religion- Christianity among her female Muslim students. He continued in his complaint that those students who do not see her eye to eye, are consequently, beaten and awarded several other types of punishments.

Complainant Mohamad Sharif also wrote in his complaint that “Mary Javaid is UNHOLY because she is Christian therefore do not allow her as teacher of our Muslim girls.”

Marry Javaid is appointed by the Education Department of Punjab at a grade 14 job. As a result of this complaint, the District Education Officer has appointed an enquiry officer who will be investigating into these accusations. However, at the same time, Marry Javaid remains under serious threats of a public backlash as the news of this has spread already among the local Muslims.

On the Other hand, the respondent Marry Javiad asserted that she has not committed any of the alleged charges brought against her. While remarking about the accusations, she stressed that she is a daughter of Lord Jesus Christ; who Himself is her shelter, at the same time declining all accusations.

While presenting her standpoint, Mary Javaid said “It is only due to our voice which my husband Javaid Sahotra Attorney and my family raise for the rights of our Christian people while some elements threat us to make silent but we will always keep raising our voice for voiceless.”

Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender,who heads LEAD said that there are a number of such cases in which Christians are being harassed and suffered religious discrimination in education institutions due to their faith.He says that a large number of such kinds of cases are not being surfaced due to fear of further sufferings.

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