Monday, 18 January 2016

A 7-year-old Christian boy dies after sexual abuse by landlords

BAHAWALNAGAR:  A group of four men allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 7-year-old Christian boy, in Bahawalnagr a city in Punjab province.

According to details, a 7-year-old Christian boy dies as a result of gang rape by four Muslim men who had kidnapped him prior to sexually assault. Reports reveal that the dead body was discarded in an area near a Christian colony.

The case FIR has been lodged and three perpetrators have been arrested and one was escaped from the scene.

According to reports,the boy had gone missing on Tuesday, January 5 in Bahawalnagar. It was reported that the remains of the victim’s dead  body were discovered by the locals, after a day the boy went missing reportedly.
The culprits were under the influence of alcohol when they carried out the heinous act. They kidnapped the boy and took him to their dera; where the four of them sexually abused him. Eventually, The men then used a rope to kill Asif. The postmortem report also reveals that the boy was sexually assaulted and then killed.

The issue of child abused in Pakistan has to be raised at global level as the child abused is being increased in number day by day.This is the second case of child abused reach to Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender who heads LEAD.
We at LEAD provide free legal assistance and advocacy to those victims of religious discrimination and sexual and domestic violence who can not afford to bear heavy legal cost of counsels and our request to stand with us and support the cause for which we are fighting.We at LEAD due to our this fight under threats and intimidation from the violators of Human Rights in Pakistan.

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