Friday, 6 May 2016

Christians fear for their lives because of blasphemy laws in Islamic Pakistan

PAKISTAN: Pakistan's Christians always fear for their lives after lynching of the Christian couple the dreadful killing ever on their community fellow on the false accusation of blasphemy. 

Reportedly a Christian young man,Imran Masih, has been accused of blasphemy,the incident occurred at Chak 44 near the village of Bosaan area of Gojra Police Station District Mandi Bahuddin,Punjab and the one Muslim cleric has issued a fatwa (Islamic Decree) endorsing death as the punishment for the Christian boy over alleged blasphemy allegation.

There have been a number of incidents of mob violence against Christians in Pakistan where Muslim culprits are protected and never brought to justice.

Christians always complain that Islamists in Pakistan can gun down Christian in broad day light within court premises, they abduct Christian women and convert them with force to Islam and give them in marriage with her abductor, they gang rape Christian women but no punishment, they torture and kill Christian house-maids who refuse to convert to Islam, they burned hundreds of homes but never convicted, they burn alive Christians but Islamic courts set them free, they are free to spread hate against Christians but no legal stick to control them and no legislation to create an harmonious society and there is abuse of blasphemy laws to oppress millions of Christians.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill , a human rights defender says that this is a savage persecution of Christians in Pakistan and no hope of its end because of blasphemy laws which is a subtle instrument of Christian killing in the hands of Islamic extremist groups to attack on the Christian community. 

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