Tuesday, 26 July 2016

An insane Hindu booked over blasphemy accusations, Hindu community fearful of retaliation

Ghotki: A Hindu reportedly insane man, Amar Lal, has been booked over blasphemy charges. Lal has been accused of allegedly desecrating Islamic holy book Quran. On Tuesday July 26, Lal was caught by local Muslims allegedly desecrating the Islamic holy book outside a mosque. Police claims Lal is suffering from psychotic disorder.

Followed by the blasphemy incident, the local Muslims shut down their shops in retaliation against the alleged accused. The religious groups called for a shutdown, daily activities remained suspended in the entire district as a result of the call. The enraged Muslims blocked National highway and damaged public property, which caused the huge traffic jam.

Police had also hooked about 18 people over charges of damaging public property during the agitation. Local Hindu community remained fearful and remained shutting inside their homes. The situation became tense while Member of Provincial Assembly asked people to remain calm and avoid violence.

"The agitation is too much because the alleged accused belongs to religious Hindu minority. Blasphemy law is a fire which burns the many innocents”, said Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender who was forced to go into hiding after receiving death threats.

He further stated that reportedly the Chief Justice Lahore High Court has got started investigation of LHC employees after doubts emerging from Police Department that some employees have links with terrorists and banned Islamic organizations. Such persons are not only in judiciary but also in every Government department and they are strong enough no one prove them that they have links with terrorists and banned Islamic organizations.

He said that LHC staffs often created hurdles in blasphemy cases' fixation in courts and might be created by some other invisible ways problems for blasphemy cases their lawyers. Latest example is the appeal case of Sajjad Masih Gill ,who was punished life imprisonment in blasphemy,in which Mr. Gill has filled early hearing petition inspite of this the petition accepted but the appeal case was not regular fixed then he filled application under section 426 Cr.P.C for suspension of life imprisonment and release on bail in spite of all provisions of laws are in favor of the convicted but the application is not being decided almost one year has been passed.

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