Saturday, 22 April 2017

Islamic Extremist Group of Youth Attacked at Christians Homes

Kasur: An armed group of Islamic Extremists Youth 20/25 riding on motor cycles attacked at Christian Colony Bhai Pheru and tortured Christians and opened aerial firing at their homes to terrorised the whole community.
According to FIR on 18-04-17 at evening a Christian labourer ,Afaq Masih age 19 years,working at A.C fridge workshop,was coming back home and one Muslim man namely Rao Shani and his accomplices forcibly stopped him and snatched a mobile from him on the pretext that they wanted to use it to call someone, when he requested for returned him back,they refused and started to beat him.After this beating he went to home and again they came at his home and opened aerial firing at his home and threaten them to face dire consequences.Next day on 19-04-2017 at about 8:30 pm the attackers around about 20/25 riding on motorcycles again came at his home and attacked at them and made terrorised whole Christian community by aerial firing in their homes and threw stones at their homes and threaten the whole Christian community.

City Police station has registered FIR no.189/17 on trivial offences without adding the offence of using fire arms to terrised the whole Christian community on the complaint of Pauloos Masih but yet the Police reluctant to arrest the attackers because of their strong back of Islamic group.The Christians of area are still under fear of terror spread by the extremists.
It is requested to the Police authority to investigate the matter seriously why the perpetrators wanted to use his mobile phone to call someone from different aspects as there could be possible the perpetrators had agenda other than just to harrassed and terrorising the Christians community.

"Christians are the most vulnerable portion of the Pakistani society and on trivial matters they are attacked,tortured and beaten because of lack of implementation of rule of law and such extremists have their ties with Islamic militants group which encourage them to persecute Christians",LEAD.

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