Tuesday, 6 December 2011

LEAD Condemns The Blasphemy Behaviour Of Shoes Company And Request For Pray

Protests and boycotts on behalf of Christians against "blasphemous shoes"

Lahore. A footwear company on the market in Anarkali,Lahore ,Pakistan has spread models of shoes that bear on the back the design of the Cross: the phenomenon has generated strong protests and a boycott campaign of the Christian community in Pakistan.Saleem Gabrial has registered an official complaint for blasphemy toward the Christian religion. "It is a fact that seriously humiliates and hurts Christians. We ask the authorities to take immediate action to respect the values and Christian religious symbols".
The "Pakistan Minorities Movement with LEAD and other organisations," which promotes the equal rights of all citizens in the nation, has launched a campaign of protest and boycotts, with many activists demonstrating in front of shops that sell these shoes, noting "the subtle insult to want to put on one's feet the most significant symbol of Christianity". The organizations has obtained the registration of a "First Information Report" bearing number 368/11 against Ajub Gull, a shoe factory owner, in Anarkali Police Station, for violation of Article 295a of the Criminal Code (which punishes offenses against any religious symbol).
Many other Christian organizations, have been active and are promoting a campaign to raise public awareness, announcing that they will take all legal actions necessary to withdraw the products from the market.

LEAD's president(Pastor Mushtaq Gill) met with the Complainant of the case(Mr.Saleem Gabriel),and Mr.Gabriel told Gill that the FIR was registered against the Culprit but the Judicial magistrate released the accused saying that the police not follow and fulfilled the procedural law.LEAD's president offered free legal services through LEAD's lawyers to Mr.Gabriel and will take the action against the culprit and also challenge the order of Judicial magistrate in High Court.

LEAD strongly condemns this blasphemy act of the shoes factory and demanding from Government
justice against the blasphemer.

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