Saturday, 2 November 2013

New threats against LEAD lawyers and Mr.Sardar Mushaq Gill

Pakistan: Human rights and Christian rights defender and campaigner Mr Sardar Mushtaq Gill received new death threats as a result of his human rights rights and Christian rights defender and campaigner activities.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill is the National Director  of Legal Evangelical Association Development in Punjab, a non-governmental organization which provides legal aid to marginalized people who are either falsely implicated by the police or unable to afford legal assistance themselves and evangelize to non-Christian in Pakistan.

On 9th March 2013 more than 180 houses,18 shops and two small churches in Joseph Colony were attacked, looted and burnt by over a 3,000 religious charged mob. The event which sparked the chain of events that led to the assault was said to have occurred on Wednesday, March 06, 2013.

The criminal case FIR no.114/13 was registered at police station Bedami Bagh Lahore in which some culprits were arrested.

A division bench of the Lahore High Court granted bail to some accused involved in the Joseph Colony incident.Following this precedent and by applying rule of consistency,the trial court also granted bail to all accused nominated in FIR and non-nominated in FIR who were arrested and to those who were not arrested,were granted pre-arrest bail.
LEAD's lawyers had petitioned the Lahore High Court on Tuesday, 4 June, 2013 to cancel the bail granted to “Culprits of Joseph Colony incident ” and they also asked for the detention of the released men amid allegations of new threats against Christians.

LEAD's lawyers constantly threatened by unknown persons to withdraw the cancellation of bail petition.On 31 October,2013 there was fixed the case and LEAD's lawyers could not appear in the court due to fear and apprehension of any attack and mishaps.

Meanwhile, Sawan Masih, falsely accused of Blasphemy behind the bars the  Badami Bagh incident was kept in a special cell at Camp Jail in Lahore with the deployment of round the clock armed guards still awaiting for justice.


Within this month of October three blasphemy cases registered at different police stations.The case FIR No.678/2013 under Sections 295 A,295 B,295 C PPC and 25/D Telegraph Act registered at Police Station Green Town on October 2,2013 against Asif Pervaiz .He was kept in a special cell at Camp Jail in Lahore with the deployment of round the clock armed guards still awaiting for justice.The after-arrest bail of Asif Pervaiz has been filled in the session court Lahore and fixed for 5 November.

On 9 October,2013 one  another blasphemy case FIR No.675/2013 under sections 295 A,295 B and 295 C PPC was registered at  Police Station Township against three Christians.The pre-arrest bail of Pastor Adnan has been filled in the session court Lahore and fixed for 6 November.

On 27 October,2013 third blasphemy case FIR No. 533/13 registered at Sadar Police Station,Wazirabad against two brothers Tariq Masih and Arif Masih under section 295 B PPC on the complaint of Muhammad Khuram.


On 2nd November in the street of Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill around about 06:35 pm some unknown persons opened firing at the houses of locality and created fear among residents and this was continued nearly half an hour.All people were remained silent and locked their houses to avoid any kind of mishaps. 
"I received text message  on my cell phone by my wife,where are you,there is a firing out side of our house and do not come at this time and be careful,we terrified and fearful and locked the door",said Gill.

We appeal to pray for us and stand with us and also pray for those who are against us.There are some elements who do not wish to see the LEAD'S work and the standpoint of LEAD about  the blasphemy laws and against the misused of the blasphemy laws.Pray that God will give us strength,courage and wisdom to face and tackle such elements.

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