Friday, 4 March 2016

Bonded by evil: A Feudal Brick Kiln slits the throat and murdered a poor brick kiln worker

KASUR:  February 3,2016,a 24 years old young man allegedly killed by a brick kiln owner in revenge of his relative fled away from bonded labor.

The deceased was identified as Imran, who eloped with a girl,Sonia Bibi, and went to take refuge at brick kiln  No.2 Olakh Bonga about 60 KM south of Lahore where his relatives worked as bonded laborers unknowing they fled away from the brick kiln.

The both Imran and Sonia were made hostage by the owner of brick kiln for taking his debt money back from Imran's relatives,who were fled away, where Imran was tortured from last four days and Sonia was forced for matrimonial relationship with a son of Brick kiln owner's manager.When the demand of the brick kiln owner was not made fulfilled by the hostages,they cut throat of Imran before reaching hospital he was died.

The FIR (First Information Report) no.95/2016 under section 302/34 Pakistan Penal Code has been registered at Police Station Saddar Phool Nagar against the brick kiln owner but no one has been arrested.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender,who heads LEAD an organization provides legal assistance to poor and down trodden and raises the issue where justice is being destroyed by the hands of Feudals and Politicians who are gods of Pakistan and they think it is their right to torture the bonded labors,went to meet the victim family and assured them for free legal assistance without difference of faith,creed and caste.

The mother of the deceased cried{ 'O black coat walay' Oh Man in black coat 'my only son was innocent and I beg for justice for my son's killing' },the mother and sisters of the deceased sternly hold Mr.Gill and beg for justice for the deceased's killing.
“I am high lighting the violation of human rights in Pakistan and striving to achieve to raise awareness among the political elites and trying to build some political pressure for achieving social justice,” and "I say social justice and economic needs to be promoted in order to have real democracy and justice in the country,"said  Mr.Gill,a noted human rights lawyer in Pakistan.

We at LEAD are striving for promotion of justice and freedom of faith and provide advocacy and legal assistance to those who are victims of human rights violation in Pakistan and on the request of Akbar Ali Rahat,a Environmental Human Rights Defender,also provide free legal assistance to poor ,low caste Muslims and raise the issues of other human rights in Pakistan.We request your support for our work in Pakistan. 

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