Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Christian Woman Mother Of Three Children Kidnapped and Rapped One whole Week By Some Muslims

The Christian woman Sakina Bibi wife of Karamat Masih was kidnapped one week ago, Karamat Masih husband of Sakina Bibi informed local Police station but Police flatly refused to register FIR against Muslims who are visible and strong persons among the locality.
Mr.Karamat Masih is working as a brick maker on brick kiln at Phool Nagar, Tehsil Patoki, District Kasur, when his wife was coming back to house after work, she was kidnapped by some unknown persons, when his wife did not come to house, he informed to local police station Phool Nagar but Police Officer flatly refused to register FIR against unknown persons.
Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill ,President of LEAD, with his team met the family and inquired the matter and made them satisfied that LEAD will legally fight and LEAD will struggle to find out his wife .LEAD’s lawyers met the local police station and filed the application of kidnapped

Mr.Karamat Masih with his wife Sakina Bibi and Rev.Azmat and Pastor Razaq Masih came and told the whole incident to Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill.
His wife told that she was kidnapped by one Muslim man name Akbar Ali Bhatti and some unknown persons when she was coming back to home after work on brick kiln factory in the evening. They took her some unknown place and rapped her many days and many times in a day.
On dated 23 February 2012, LEAD’s lawyers again submitted an application in local police station Phool Nagar in which Mr.Karamat Masih is a complainant. The police officer is not registering FIR against the Muslims because they are strong and rich man of locality and Karamat Masih is a brick kiln worker and has under heavy debt. He requested LEAD to give him free legal support in this case and help him for justice. Mr.Karamat Masih also told that he was still threatening by some Muslims and threatened to draw back his application against them from police station.

LEAD is supporting and giving free legal aid to persecuted Christians, because they are very poor and her are not in position to fight their case in courts for justice and also not able to defend their rights.
This is new thing in Pakistan, there are many cases against poor Christians in which they are threatened and persecuted different ways.
Pray for LEAD and his team and support LEAD’s projects and work for betterment of Christian community of Pakistan.

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