Thursday, 23 February 2012

In Month Of July 2010 Three Christians Members Of Same Family Were Falsely Involved In Blasphemy Case Under Section 295B PPC FIR No.889/2010 At Police Station Factory Area Lahore

On July 5, 2010 a case was registered, FIR no. 889/2010, offence under section 295/B PPC in the Police Station Factory Area, Lahore by a Molvi from a local Mosque named Mohammad Ibrahim s/o Fakhar-U-Din against Yousaf Masih, Bashiran Bibi and Zahid Masih.

In this case the compromise was made through some visible persons of the locality.That compromise was made between complainant and accused with some written agreement which was filled in the session court Lahore on same date when complainant was agreed and after that compromise the made confirmed the bail and the case was discharged,but there was some secret and hidden agreement also in which complainant had to pay some money to the persons who made efforts for that compromise,and the father of the accused (Zahid Masih) gave some security cheques.
The family sale out their house and paid the money to the persons who did efforts for the compromise and gave all the money to them but not took back the security cheques.
Those persons again make registered a criminal case against the accused of blasphemy (Zahid Masih)'s father Sadiq Masih who is now in jail and also beaten by police authority.
Mr.Shaid Masih the brother of Mr.Zahid Masih told the story to Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill President LEAD about all the consequences of blasphemy case which were registered against his brother.Now LEAd filed bail petition for his father in the court.Pray for this bail petition.
In Pakistan,Muslims have rights to say anything against any religion or its faith,the person of other religion even has no right to defend or make clear about his religion or faith,if he or she will try he or she must face death sentence or life imprisonment.It is very easy to say that person who is persecuted will get reward in heaven and this is good thing for the encouragement of Christian faith but the person against whom once blasphemy case is registered ,he or she will lose his or her job,their children not allow to get study in schools,no work or job for their children,even to other family members has to face same consequences.If There is one case registered against one person but many families disturb due to this blasphemy case,the future of Children ruin due to the consequences of blasphemy case.Now one more fact,the fear of blasphemy is so dangerous that Big Churches stops to preach ,to share Gospel with Muslims even some times they have to profess ,in front of Muslims,what Muslims say is right,even some times some Christians including some Pastors and priests deliberately use Muslims terminology for some good results from Muslims and for some material benefits.
What will be the future of Children of Christians in Pakistan?????

LEAD requests all our brothers and sisters,please pray for the families who are under threats and bearing bad consequences of blasphemy cases.
Pray for LEAD and its lawyers who are facing all hardships and threats due to supporting legally to such cases.Amen.

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