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After long discussion with Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill with advocate Javed Sohotra ,it was decided to file bail petition of Mr.Sajjad masih,this is first remedy which should be availed according to Pakistani procedural law.
There are always apprehensions of killing of persons involved in such blasphemy cases,so due to this we file application for jail trial which is accepted by the government.
Story of Sajjad Masih Accused of Blasphemy Case no. 820/2011 Registered at Police Station Gojra under section 295-C, PPC told by Mr.Javed Sohotra advocate
Sajjad Masih is the resident of Mohalla Samadhanwala Christian by Religion. He has four brothers and one sisters and He is the youngest and bachelor among his family. Sajjad Masih S/o Sardar Masih had born on 18 May 1984. His Father had died in 1989. Sajjad is an uneducated and being employed in DC Office Pakpattan. Zulfiqar Masih the elder brother of Sajjad Masih was married with Shughfta Bibi. Shughfta Bibi is the resident of Gojra. Roma Illyas is the daughter of Shughfta’s uncle. Roma’s family is also resident of Christian Colony Gojra. Roma used to visit Pakpattan to meet Shughfta in house of Sajjad Masih and Zulfiqar Masih etc. During these visits Sajjad and Roma got involved with each other. Their love increased much with the passage of time. Whenever Roma visited Pakpattan she spent many days in Pakpattan. She used to spend most of her time with Sajjad during her visits. To see this delicate situation of circumstances, parents of Roma with the consent of Roma have engaged her with Sajjad Masih. The ceremony of engagement between these two families was held on June 2010, the picture of Roma on engagement day is attached with the story. This engagement was remained final. In spite of engagement both these lovers spent most of their time on cell phone calls.

Donald Bhatti is another ex-party lover of Roma was living in UK. He was aware that Roma has been engaged with Sajjad and about their love to each other. He demanded the hand of Roma from her aunty, Roma’s mother. He lured them to send the visas for whole family if Roma’s parents would marry her girl to him. In May 2011 Donald Bhatti came Pakistan. The parents of Roma forcibly got her married on 17 May 2011, with Donald Bhatti and that marriage was against the will of Roma. After sacrament with Roma Donald Bhatti went UK on same day. In spite Roma’s marriage, Sajjad and Roma kept committed with each other. Their cell phone calls had been continued for three to five hour daily. Donald Bhatti was aware of that Roma and Sajjad were remaining busy in calling to each other. When Donald wanted to call Roma she was in busy to calling with Sajjad, Donald Bhatti was much worried about this situation. On 17 November 2011 Ilyas Masih (Roma’s father) died by chance due to heart attack on this time of grief Roma called Sajjad in Gojra. Sajjad and his brothers and Bhabi (Shagufta) went to Gojra on this sad event. Donald Bhatti also came to Gojra from UK on the death of his father in law. Sajjad stayed their for three days on the demand of Roma. Both Roma and Sajjad had been in meeting in Shagufta parent’s house. Donald Bhatti saw Sajjad and Roma in a room and was shocked about it. He was committed to teach a lesson to Sajjad and Roma. On 21st Dec 2011 on Wednesday Roma informed Sajjad Masih her lover on his cell phone # 0313-6424101 that police has registered a case 295-C against me and you. Gojra police arrested me and detained me in Bishop House Gojra. She said please run away from your house because police rushed to Pakpattan to arrest you. Sajjad Masih called all the members of his family and told them about the situation. Sarfraz Masih the elder brother of Sajjad Masih informed Javed Sohtra Advocate and requested to visit their house. Javed Sohtra visited the house of Sajjad Masih at 6 pm 21st Dec 2011. Sajjad Masih told Javed Sohtra Advocate regarding the information of blasphemy case, detention of Roma in Bishop House and coming police in Pakpattan to arrest of Sajjad. Javed Sohtra Advocate tried to inquire the matter from his nephew Pomi from Gojra. Pomi told that some thing happened in Gojra but all things are being kept secret. Roma’s family did not tell this event to Christian community in Gojra. Pastor William uncle of Roma, Pastor Sarfraz Rafaqat etc members of Peace Committee Gojra were aware about all matters but all were silent.

Javed Sohtra Advocate thought that it is false information and did not give much importance to this information and said to Sajjad and his family you people need not to worry. On 21st Dec 2011 at 9 pm again Shagufta’s brother from Gojra informed that Gojra police along with Roma’s brother (Chand) were coming Pakpattan to raid the house of Sajjad at night. After this information Sajjad and his brothers left their house except one of his brother named Iftikhar Masih. The Gojra police raided the house with out any permission of any concerned authority at 3 am early in the morning on 22 Dec 2011. The police violated the sanctity of the house. They searched every room, bath room, kitchen, roof and boxes and they found nothing male resident of the house. At last they caught the Iftikhar Masih who was getting rest with his wife and children. About this raid Javed Sohatra Adv was informed by Sarfraz. Masih. Javed Sohatra met the police and inquired about the matter. Irshard the sub inspector in charge the police raiding team told Javed Sohatra that a blasphemy case has been registered on the statement of Tariq Saleem who was resident of Kot Ghulam Mohammad Gojra under section 25-D Telegraph ACT and section 16 of maintenance of Public Sector. The FIR NO 820/ 11 dated 19-12-2011.

According to the statement of the compliant that on 18 Dec, 2011 some unknown persons sent two messages on his cell phone no 0300-6553373 from Zong no 0313 7303958 which were severely unbearable about The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), The Quran and The Muslims. An unknown person after sending messages has committed an offence of blasphemy contempt of Quran and injured the feelings of the Muslims. The compliant requested to the police to seek the mobile no and the person and arrest him initiate criminal proceedings.

Irshad SI told the number from which the blasphemy messages were sent is registered in the name of Roma Illyas, and sim has been activated in Pakpattan and we doubted it might be the act of Sajjad Masih. So after the investigation if Sajjad Masih found innocent we would release Him. Due to the non availability of Sajjad Masih the police forcibly took Iftikhar Masih to Gojra. On Friday Morning 23 Dec, 2011 the police again raided the house of Sajjad’s uncle (Mamou) Nazir Masih in Pirkrian Pakpattan. The police wanted to arrest Khadim Masih S/O Nazir Masih the cousin of Sajjad Masih, Nazir Masih informed Javed Sohatra Advocate and Javed went their home saw the situation and did not allow the police to arrest Khadim Masih. The police returned with empty hands.

On 23 Dec, 2011 Javed Sohatra Advocate being the community worker went to Gojra and he met the DSP Police Gojra Rana Aslam. Rana Aslam requested Javed Sohatra to hand over Sajjad Masih to police because the circumstances were going to be severe due to the Muslims religious persons. Rana Aslam the DSP Gojra and Mehar Sarfraz SHO city Gojra promised that FIR NO 820/11 is only under offences of Telegraph act and maintenance of public order so we will send Sajjad Masih to Judicial lockup at once and you can easily apply for his bail and he will be out of the jail within two or three days. On 24 Dec, 2011 Javed Sohatra met Sajjad and Sajjad humbly told that he is a believer of Christ and the Bible. Bible teaches me the lesson of peace so I cannot think about this blasphemy messages. I am innocent in this case. Sajjad also told that Roma had informed me that Donald took revenge from us due to our love. She also informed me that Donald purchased a sim no 0313-7303958 on her ID card through someone and sent blasphemy messages to 0300 6553373 and now we will have to face the false case.

To judge the innocence of Sajjad Masih Javed Sohatra informed Tahir Naveed Chaudary the MPA PUNJAB ASSEMBELY and the Major Gabriel Michel Salvation Army Jhungh. After the consultations with them, Javed Sohtra took Sajjad with him on 28 Dec, 2011 and handed over him to Maher Sarfraz SHO Gojra in police chowky PS city Gojra located in Gulzar Cinema Gojra. Javed Sohtra also handed over the personal Mobile which is in use of Sajjad Masih and two Sims of Sajjad Masih (numbering 0313-6424101, 0315-7233344) to SHO Maher Sarfraz at 5:08 pm. After handing over Sajjad Masih to police Javed Sohtra informed Tahir Naveed Chaudary and Major Gabriel Michael. They testified from SHO about the arrest of Sajjad Masih on mobile phone. The Police found nothing in their investigation regarding blasphemy messages in Mobile and Sims of Sajjad Masih

On 29 Dec 2011 Javed Sohtra called Maher Sarfraz on his mobile no. 0346-4866758 and inquired about Sajjad Masih and he told they send Sajjad Masih in District Jail Toba Take Singh because we got confessed Sajjad Masih the offence and now we added section 295-C, PPC in the FIR no. 820/11.

On 2nd Jan 2012 Javed Sohtra met Sajjad Masih in the District Jail Toba Take Singh and Sajjad told that police tried to kill me and forcibly got confessed from me the offence. They terrified me and wanted to my murder with electric shorts, they tied my feet and hanged me on head. He said that I am innocent I can’t even think about to send any blasphemy messages. May The JESUS release me.

Real Facts:

Donald wanted to get Roma at any cost. He could not bear the friendship between Roma and Sajjad Masih so Donald made a plan to teach a lesson to Sajjad and Roma. He got the ID card of Roma-his wife. He has given this card to his purchased person and himself went to UK. After his departure from Pakistan on 16 Dec 2011. His purchased person got a sim number 0313-7303958 on Roma’s ID card and then this sim was activated on female voice on 18 Dec 2011 and sent messages.


This is false case against Sajjad Masih because sim no. 0313-7303958 and mobile in which this sim has been used not recovered from Sajjad Masih. This is proof that police is connivance with Donald and made a false case against Sajjad Masih.


Pray for the security of Sajjad Masih and his counsel Javed Sohtra Advocate and acquittal of Sajjad Masih and request for financial assistance to fight the case of Sajjad Masih in the court of Law.

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