Tuesday, 13 March 2012

One More Pakistani Christian Woman Charged With Blasphemy After Refusing To Accept Islam

In Pakistan ,it is common practice that Muslims always try to enforce their religious beliefs by inviting to accept Islam and renounce Christian faith,and claim that Christian Faith is false.
And on refusing to accept their claim poor Christians charge with different blasphemy laws.There is one more practice in Pakistan is before us.
Police Station at khichiwala,District Bahawalnagar,Chak No.170/7R Colony,Tehsil Fort Abbas,a Poor Christian Young Woman Shamim Bibi Twenty-six years old,mother of a 5-months daughter,made charge of Blasphemy under Section 295C Pakistan penal code,FIR No.30/12 ,whose punishment is death sentence.
According to sources,there are some relatives of this young woman, who accepted Islam and renounced Christianity,gave her invitation to accept Islam as they did,but she refused saying that She believes in Living God and no need to accept any religion.On exchange of such thoughts relating to Islam and Christian Faith,they blamed that she said some derogatory remarks about their prophet.The investigation is under procedure,but she is facing the agony of jail and due to this allegation her family is also facing same agony.
Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill is much worried about the future of our Poor Christian in Pakistan and worried that how our mothers and sisters are falsely making involved in blasphemy cases and in this way our poor Pakistani Christian day by day are in inferiority complex.
LEAD is supporting and defending the cause of Poor Christians of Pakistan and giving them free legal support,be partner in the objects of LEAD for the betterment of Pakistani Christian,support and give their donation ,funds etc for the support of persecuted Christians.

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