Saturday, 28 July 2012

Christian Father was threatened and warned by some Muslims to give hand in marriage to them his daughter.

Why We Are Christians?Should We not speak,Should we not express publicly our faith,Are we bond to impliedly approve Non-Christian Faith,Warnings,Threats,Intimidation,Exploitation,Blasphemy,Forced Marriages,and Forcibly Conversion.Are We not human being then Why we are treated inhumane way?
These are the questions which this father of woman asking,when he was threatened and warned by some Muslims that his daughter Shaista Khan has converted to Islam and now she is in circle of Islam and Islamic values,and he is bond to give her daughter's hand in marriage to them silently.
Mr.Mehboob Khan who is presently living in 18 Waris Road Lahore,told the warning and threatening story about some unknown Muslims who warned and threatened to him that his daughter Shaista Khan has converted to Islam and married in their family and being as father must say good bye to his daughter and make her send with them as bride.
He is much terrified by this act and requested to LEAD for some legal support,the application has been moved to local police station Mozang ,Lahore for the safety of lives and honor and writ petition in additional and session court Lahore has been filed for the registration of FIR against the culprits.Pray for the family and all those who are suffering due to faith.
Our continual fight against violations of our religious freedom,human rights  and Christian rights- like this case.Thankfully, we are not fighting these battles alone.You can make sure we reach this goal,with your prayers and financial support.
With God’s guidance, and your support, we will keep on fighting.

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