Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Eight Bonded of one Christian family members laborers freed from brick kiln after paying 200% extra money

Bonded labor is form of slavery prevalent in Pakistan in various sectors of the economy,most notably agriculture but also brick kilns.
Mr.Manzoor Din has six daughters and two sons,he took the peshgi (advance money) Rs.100,000/- .He worked on the brick kiln of Mr. Bao Rehman and Mr.Haji Chaudhary Bhetoo one whole year.His one daughter was also kidnapped by them and never gave back,he was too much under pressure and fear that he never registered complaint in local police station.He was remained imprisoned in brick kiln owner private jail with his whole family including six daughters, two sons and wife.

The victim came to LEAD office and told the story how he got free from the prisoner owner of brick kiln and how he was sold to one an other brick kiln owner. 

He told Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill ,National Director LEAD that his debts was paid by one an other brick kiln owner but 200% over and extra advance money and also did not make clear the accounts of his earning according to the facts and figures.He showed the receipt by which his new master paid ransom.He also told that he was paid half what he earned.He also shared that this is not his only case there are many such cases and Christians families who are working like this under heavy debts like slaves.
LEAD is a  human rights organization that works to protect people from violent forces of injustice by securing rescue and restoration for victims and ensuring public justice systems work for the poor ,persecuted,raising issues of forced marriages,forced conversion of Christians girls,bonded labors and abolish to modern slavery.
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