Saturday, 4 August 2012

Christians Nurses are targeted to be killed by poisoning in tea......

In Pakistan this is not the new incident which is showing that Christians girls are sexually abused in different professions of life where Muslims are working in majority.The Christians girls who are working in houses as maid servants often sexually abused some cases come on surface and a number of such cases are not to be disclosed.
A few days before an alarming and threatening incident happened in Karachi Civil Hospital,in the below image there is a feature of local news paper in which the reality is mentioned about this incident.
The Christian trainee nurses at the Civil Hospital in Karachi fell ill on Sunday night after reportedly drinking poisoned tea prepared at their hostel.They were claimed to have been deliberately poisoned because of their faith.According to one of the affected nurses, a colleague had made the tea after 10pm and they fell ill immediately after drinking it.The government has turned a blind eye to the persecution of minorities as they think Christians are not human beings.
Poverty and Christians In Pakistan:
After reading the feature one thing is very clear that all this is happening due to poverty.Our poor Christians girls want to up lift their families and often would be succeeded in achieving this goal but they have to suffer and bear such things often,and some times they have to lose their self respect and honor.
LEAD demands an impartial judicial inquiry into the alleged poisoning of Christians nurses at a government-run hospital.LEAD thanks Pastor Ishaq Khokhar who represents LEAD in Karachi(

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