Sunday 28 September 2014

Gazala Khan Co-accused of Zafar Bhatti Blasphemy Case Reaches To LEAD For Legal Assistance

LAHORE:A blasphemy convict,named Asghar Ali,who is with a history of mental illness, was wounded by shooting at of a policeman in the Adiala jail on Thursday where this man is on death row for blasphemy.The policeman claimed 'divine visitations' for the guidance to put his life on line for the sake of his religious beliefs.He told to the Police that he was sure that the man would be set free and wanted to kill him to punish properly.The wounded blasphemy death convicted is admitted in a local hospital and now reportedly in stable condition.

In the same jail,there is also under judicial custody a Christian Pastor Zafar Bhatti who is also blasphemy accused and whose jail trial is under proceedings from the last few months,unfortunately news spread in media about him too that he was killed in the same incident but latter it was reportedly confirmed that he was safe.Pakistan Christian Post

Gazala Khan who is also co-accused with Mr.Bhatti's blasphemy case today came to the Christian Lawyer,Mr.Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender,Chief of LEAD and she asked about the Adiala Jail incident which she came to know through media.
Mr.Gill got confirmed through phone call from Mr.Khuram Mann(Advocate)who was earlier appearing in Mr.Bhatti's case,he told that he had confirmed on phone from his sister and wife about the news of killing of Mr.Bhatti and they told that he was safe and incident was not happened with him.Mr.Mann further told that there is no organization which is representing this case now.
Ms.Gazala told that she was on bail and did not know the next date of hearing of the trial.She further added that she herself engaged and hired one Muslim lawyer for her bail and now for trial too and there was and is not any Christian organization who was and is representing her case including Mr.Bhatti.Mr.Gill asked her why in report published by one Christian organization that they are following Mr.Bhatti's case.She told that she did not know why such claims came in media but it is fact and true that only Mr.Pervaiz Khan(Advocate from Rawalpindi) and one other his colleague are representing our case.She also told that Rawalpindi Bar barred lawyers to represent our case.PCP
Then she also requested and told to Mr.Gill for legal assistance in her case and for transferring the case from Rawalpindi to Lahore as it is difficult for her to afford to go Lahore to Rawalpindi on every date of hearing because she was and is bearing all expenses herself and now she is terrified due to the Adiala Jail incident.
"My case is totally fake and false and during investigation it was proved that I did not use the mobile sim-card which identity on my profile and also there is no data and mobile including in the evidence.So in this way my case will be quashed and no fear of sentence",she told.

She further added that the court wished to quash the FIR to my extent but she wanted that the FIR would be quashed so that they both could be set free from false allegation.She told that she knew the law and she read law books but could not be able to win law degree.
Mr.Gill told her frankly that LEAD would not be able to support you financially but for free legal assistance we would fight and follow the case.
Today this morning,Mr.Gill received one phone call from one renowned social and political activist Mr.Khalid Gill,who is now in Canada,he asked about the Adiala jail incident and told that he had engaged lawyer in the case of Mr.Bhatti and Ms.Gazala.He also mentioned the same name which Ms.Gazala told. 
Mr.Gill received many calls after the Adiala jail incident from different persons including Mr.Tariq Seraj (Advocate).He also asked what was truth about Zafar Bhatti's murdered in jail.Is there any possibility that Government is hiding the killing of Mr.Bhatti or just misunderstanding and misinformation due to attack on another blasphemy death convicted prisoner. 
"We are much concerned about such incidents as happened in The Adiala jail and in the incidents of extrajudicial killings of blasphemy accused and their lawyers,"shared Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill.

He further added that the lawyer who challenges the wordings of FIR and try to negate that wordings in blasphemy cases, on this the prosecution lawyers start to feel anger and humiliate the defense lawyer and if the controversial thoughts further heated up between them.The defense lawyer gets death threats and some time killing as happened in mostly cases.Some defense lawyers in blasphemy cases just fulfill formality of law and do not take risk to challenge the version of FIR and put all things on the Judge because they think that if the trial court gives punished then in appeal the accused might be released.In this way they avoid to take risk but this is not fair with client and victim.
Prayer Request By Chief of LEAD,Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill to all National and National Churches and Ministries to pray for wisdom,courage and safety for his team and for all victims of blasphemy who are suffering in jails due to faith and you all know every day, believers around the world risk banishment, beatings, imprisonment and death to follow Christ and take His Gospel farther. Perseverance often seems impossible, but when the Lord enables believers to stand strong, He works mightily through their sufferings.

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