Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Muslim Girl Get Married With A Christian Boy After Falling In Love,Extremists Arrive To Kill The Couple

LAHORE:Today,Nazli Bano from Karachi called to Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender that the extremists arrived at her home and seized her cousin who got married in June,2014 with one Muslim Girl.She told that they were very terrified and horrified by the extremists because they threatened to kill her cousin and she also told that some police officials ,who are from Lahore,were making threats to her and her husband to make them involved in criminal case.she requested for legal assistance and help.She told that the lives of the couple are in grave danger. 

"Christians and Hindu girls are seized,abducted, vigorously converted to Islam and married to dominant Muslims, but police do not file any case against Muslims. But if a Muslim girl get married to a Christian boy willingly, extremists arrive to deface the whole Christian community even the boy get converted to Islam and in some cases they both have to face death by the hands of Extremists and Police."told Gill.

A Muslim Girl Sadia (Original Name held for security reason) was a student of Teacher Training College in Lahore and she fell in love with a Christian boy Amin (Original Name held for security reason).The boy changed his Christian religion for the safety and they both got married with their free consent on June 6,2014 according to Islamic Law.

The extremists lodged an FIR against the Christian boy.The police started to raid on the house of the Christian boy and arrested his family members,after this the statement of the girl was recorded in court in which she admitted that she got married with the Christian boy with her free will and consent,on this statement the police released the family members of the Christian boy.The couple fled away to Karachi to save their lives from the extremists.

The couple ran away together to stay away from their families and now they are living with his cousin Nazli Bano in Karchi.The extremists reached there and held them in their custody and threaten the residents and his cousin Nazli and her husband that if they would come forwards to help the couple,they would have to face dire consequences including false legal charges.The extremists threatened Nazli and her husband that they would deface them.

The legal team of LEAD filed a petition in court to save Nazli and her husband from police harassment in which the court order to police to not harass them.   

The religious extremism is a grave threat to religious liberty in Pakistan and the extremists do not tolerate the inter-faith marriages particularly never ever when a female is Muslim.They do not like the marriage between a Christian boy and a Muslim girl even the boy get convert to Islam for marriage.The honor killing is also one of the grave concern for rights activists and the main cause of honor killing also extremism.   

We at LEAD request to all of you to pray for the couple's safety who is under the custody of extremists and also pray for our team who is struggling for religious liberty and working to end extremism.

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