Friday, 31 July 2015

A Christian family has been harrassed by implicated in a theft case

LAHORE: Today a Christian family came to Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court who heads LEAD and they requested for free legal assistance in a theft case in which the five members of family including two females were falsely implicated and allegedly accused.

The case of theft registered against them at a Police Station of Lahore and LEAD'S lawyers filed prearrest bail petition in sessions court Lahore and the bail petition was accepted and interim bail granted to the alleged accused.

A Christian mother of 45 and his daughter 16 were home servants in a Muslim family.There were two portions of the home uper and lower portion and there lived two Muslim families. Christian mother and daughter were employed as home servants at the lower portion of the home. The family who lived at uper portion was in need of a female servant, they requested the both mother and daughter if there would any female who wished to work in their home. They must inform them.
On 17 June, the both Christian mother and daughter introduced them with a girl and they employed her at once. On 18 June, the Muslim man ,who is an assistant professor, got registered a case against the girl by stealing a household ornaments and also falsely implicated the Christian mother and daughter by accusing that they had recommended her for employment and later got added the names of three male members of the Christian family.

Yesterday the police raided at their  home to arrest them without  taking formal investigation and today LEAD'S lawyers managed to get bail order of the alleged accused from the court to be investigated without Police custody.

Pray the police investigation will be unbiased and the truth of this case will be brought to light and the alledged accused of theft be declared innocent from the charges. Pray for all our brothers and sisters in Pakistan who are in danger of facing discrimination and being persecuted because of their faith. Pray for whole team of LEAD'S safety and needs.

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