Friday, 31 July 2015

A Christian man brutally killed for marrying a Muslim woman

LAHORE: A Christian man  named Aleem Masih, aged 28 years was barbarically shot dead and his Muslim wife named Nadia, aged 23 years shot injured.

The Muslim family of the woman had threatened him and they also used to proclaim openly that they will kill the both Aleem and Nadia.The couple had filed a petition in local court for protection from them but no initiative was taken by the Police for the safety of couple.They were in hiding from a long time and relocated to other city Narang Mandi of Punjab.

The deceased (Aleem) married a Muslim girl (Nadia) and it is alleged that angry relatives of the bride, abducted the couple when they came to Khaliq Nagar, a small village near Youhanabad, Lahore to see a herbal physician for Nadia's treatment and took them at their farms where the brothers and father of Nadia brutally beaten and killed the couple, they thought both were dead but Nadia was survived after getting severely injured and now in critical condition at General Hospital.One of the murderers Muhammad Azhar surrendered to police and boasting and considering himsel hero of Islam to kill the Christian.

Islam does not allow to Muslim women to marry Non-Muslim men while it allows Muslim men to marry Non-Muslim women. Islamic law prescribes death penalty for any Muslim woman for marrying with non-Muslim man without converting to Islam.

So, Muslims in Pakistan killing Christian on pretext of family honor and religion is hardly surprising.There are cases in which Christian man and Muslim woman were killed even after the both converted to Islam and their marriage was solimnized according to Islamic Shari'ah. 

The Christian family of deceased reached to Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court for legal assistance and LEAD will follow this case for justice because the deceased's family is poor and can't bear legal expenses.

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