Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Christian sweeper set free of false attempt of sodomy charges

KASUR: LEAD'S officer Zulfiqar Masih,Human Rights Defender has productively attained the freedom of one Christian Pakistanis untruly blamed for attempting to commit sodomy with a Muslim boy.

On 24 June, a case FIR No.169/2015 registered at Police Station City Phool Nagar under section 377/511 PPC against a poor Christian sweeper Mana Masih on the complaint of a Muslim Muhammad Wakeel.According to the contents of the complaint,the accused attempted to commit sodomy with Complainant's nephew and stripped-down his pants and when complainant reached after hearing the noise of his nephew,the accused fled away from the spot.

The accused is doing a duty at Sabzi Mandi ( Vegetable Market) Mosque as a sweeper and washer at Mosque's toilets.He was instructed and ordered by Mosque cleric that after the time of prayer,no one should be allowed to use Mosque toilets and its waters for other purposes.At evening of said incident,the complainant came to use Mosque water for washing of vegetables.He forbade him to take waters from Mosque 's taps after this the complainant beaten him and also filled a false complaint.The accused arrested by the local police and put behind the bars.

Mr.Zulfiqar was diligently working on this case and with help and support of Mosque management committee,the accused was declared and proved innocent in police investigation and set free from Police custody after about one month.

Christians in Pakistan are mostly victimised of false accusations because they are defense less due to their poverty social and economically weakness.Majority always try to force them to abuse as they wish even they would be wrong.

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