Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Christian Man Attacked and Shot and being forced for compromise

KHANEWAL: A Christian man Allah Dita was shot and severely beatened by two Muslims because of stopping them of street-harassment to Church going Christians girls.

The shooting took place at Village 136/16-L , Mian Chanu, District Khanewal on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at about 06:30 PM ,when the two Muslim brothers came on motorbike and forcibly entered into Dita's home and they attacked at him one of them is allegedly said to have shot him with a pistol and other beatened him with club because a few days ago, Allah Ditta has forbidden and stopped them of street-harassment to Church going Christian girls.
Dita was rescued by 1122 Rescue and was taken to Tehsil Head Quartes Hospital, Mian Chanu but due to be in serious condition  he wss referred to Nishtar Hospital Multan where he is under treatment. 

The case FIR No. 233/2015 was registered on July 12, 2015,under Section 324 and 34 PPC at Police Station Saddar Mian Chanu against two Muslim allegedly accused Abdul Rauf and Tahir Khan.

One of the accused was arrested and sent to judicial lockup during the police investigation he was found guilty and pistol was recovered from main accused and other co-accused is on prearrest bail.

Paternal uncle of the accused is a lawyer and he has filed an writ petition against the Christians for registration of a false case after leveling the false allegation of beatening him and also his motor bike was damaged by the Christian so that they could be forced for compromise with them and his nephews would be released . The petition is fixed for August 21, 2015 for the report of SHO.

We at LEAD provide free legal assistance to those victims of Human Rights Violation who can not afford to pay heavy legal cost of lawyers. Sardar Mushtaq Gill , Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court ,whe is head of LEAD , has dedicated his services for humanity and  for those who are victims of human rights violations.

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