Monday, 24 August 2015

The after-effects of Kasur child abuse scandal

PAKISTAN:The after-effects of the Kasur child porn scandal show up as a Parliamentary panel, on Thursday August 20, revised the 155-year-old Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) chalked out in 1860.

In order to make laws associated to child sex abuse more inflexible, three latest sections (292-A, 292-B and 292-C) of PPC 1860 have been pioneered.
Section 292-A defines “Exposure to seduction” was inserted which states: whoever seduces a child shall be punished with a prison term of one to seven years or with a fine of Rs.100,000 to Rs.500,000 or with both.
Section 292-B defines ‘child pornography’ while section 292-C copes with punishment pertaining to it. The prescribed punishment states those involved in the offence shall be punished with a prison term of two to seven years or with fine of Rs.200,000 to Rs.700,000 or with both.
The National Assembly Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights sanctioned the ‘Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2015’ looking for amendments in the PPC 1860 and the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898.
Furthermore, the government of Pakistan recommended putting in latest sections in the PPC: 377-A which defines sexual abuse as “whosoever employs, uses, forces, persuades, induces, entices or coerces any person to engage in or assist any other person to engage in fondling, stroking, caressing, exhibitionism, voyeurism or any obscene or sexually explicit conduct or simulation of such conduct either independently or in conjunction with other acts, with or without consent, is said to commit the offence of sexual abuse.”

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