Monday, 24 August 2015

Petition accepted of father of condemned Pakistani Christian woman for access

LAHORE: Yesterday 24 August, The filed petition in Lahore High court of Soran Masih,father of catholic Christian woman blasphemy death convict Asia Bibi,accepted for visiting her in prison and direction issued to Home Department Punjab and Woman Jail Superintendent Multan to give him and other relative access for prison visitation of Asia Bibi.
Asia Bibi , a Pakistani Christian mother of five , is on death row , has been given a ray of hope when the Apex Court granted her leave to appeal and accepted for hearing. The appeal was set to be heard on 22 July and stayed execution till further order.Her family members have grave concern about her worsening health in prison and they are very hopeful for her release from Supreme Court.

"I have lost everything after happening of this incident and I have no enough resources to visit my daughter in Multan prison,"told Soran Masih.

"Children are very dear to birds also and why not to me who is father but jail officials do not give access except her husband and children,"he added.

He further added that Ashiq Masih forbidding us to stay away from the case and he himself deliberately skipped our names from the relatives list who can visit and see Asia Bibi in prison.

"I want to see her in prison but nobody willing to assist and guide us how it is possible,"told Rehana Bibi sister of Asia Bibi.

The blasphemy laws are not a heartache for Asia Bibi only, but her family also suffers from the agony followed by the ghastly episode of blasphemy tragedy and her blasphemy case is of extraordinarily sensitive nature and high-profile one.

Sarfraz Masih Gill,the brother of Sajjad Masih Gill who is life sentenced  under blasphemy,contacted with Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender and told that they are getting life threats from unknown persons and living in hiding from one place to other. 

On December 18, 2011, Malik Muhammad Tariq Saleem, a Muslim resident in Gojra, a cloth merchant, received some blasphemous text messages from a unknown phone. The next day, Tariq was reported to the police in Gojra who registered a complaint for blasphemy, indicting and arresting Sajjad Gill.His appeal against life imprisonment is pending in Lahore High Court. 

Sardar Mushtaq Gill , Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court , who heads LEAD , is being victimized of intimidation , life threats, harassment and attacks. He is also suffering from constant fear of attacks but without being demoralized and discouraged doing diligently his human rights work and rescuing victims.

We at LEAD request you all to stand with us in this noble cause for persecuted and pray for our safety and fiscal needs.We are thankful for those who support our work because with your support we are doing this work and fighting for justice and rescuing victims.

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