Friday, 4 September 2015

A Christian man held over alleged blasphemy case

KASUR: Fear grips Christians  locality in village Gorrey Wala over alleged blasphemy case registered at Police station Mandi Usman Wala against a Christian father of four children and husband of a minor disable wife,Pervaiz Masih.
According to his brother in law, Shamaun, Pervaiz 40-years-old was booked for alleged blasphemous remarks made by him against Prophet of Islam .The incident took place after as a brawls happened 15 to 20 days ago in Village Gorrey Wala amongst two Muslims men Ijaz and Asif with Pervaiz on wages of sand loading.

Shamaun Masih, brother-in-law of Pervaiz Masih, said that he was being punished for demanding his wage.

"Pervaiz is a poor man who has four children and wife with a minor disability. They are all terrified over what has happened,” Shamaun Masih told Sardar Mushtaq  Gill, Human Rights Defender,who visited the victim family at village Gorrey wala.

He further added that they wished to engage LEAD's lawyers to take this case.Mr.Gill promised them to provide possible legal assistance in this case and would get him acquitted from false blasphemy charges.

His brother Javaid told Mr.Gill that they heard from the accusers how Pervaiz used derogatory remarks when his brother Pervaiz was loading sand on trolley a cleric was delivering sermon on mobile recording of a Muslim man Ijaz and describing an miracle account while Hazrat Bilal was grazing his goats how one weaker goat gave milk after Prophet of Islam place his hands on it.

He further told that his brother denied the allegation and he just instructed them to make off the mobile and engaged themselves into work because the day was very hot.

The case is another example of the power of the country's controversial blasphemy laws.  The laws are misused to settle scores and personal vendettas. Poor Christians have often become the target of accusations of blasphemy and Muslim community  misused it as a tool to take revenge from Christians.

Fear grips everyone who holds Christian faith because no one knows when his turn will come to be victim of blasphemy laws.

LEAD will continue to campaign against the misuse of blasphemy laws and to defend the victims and to rescue them.We ask for prayer our safety and for your physical support for our work for persecuted.

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