Saturday, 19 September 2015

A land grabber set the house of a Christian family on fire after making them confined in it

Islamabad: An aggressive land grabber sets house of a Christian family on fire, with the intention of burning the family within the house as well.

According to reports, home of a Christian family was reduced to ashes when an aggressive mob set it ablaze on September 10, Thursday. The radicals tried to burn the Christian family inside the house alive purportedly. It has been claimed by the victims that the alleged perpetrators had the intentions of obtaining the property of the Christian family.
The victim 38-year-old, Christian Boota Masih who is residing in Islamabad accuses that the perpetrators are after his property the land and his house. Despite the fact that there are eye witnesses and proof against the alleged perpetrators local police is reluctant to register and FIR.

In keeping with Boota Masih, a mob including both men and women large group of men and two women arrived at his house and started banging on the door shouting yelling at him to come out of the house. He revealed that he was utterly surprised to see a mob gathered at his front doorstep. One of the perpetrators leading the mob threatened him to vacate the house immediately or else he would be facing dire consequences.

While the mob chanting slogans terming Boots a trespasser in his own home. He revealed he became terrified. “I was terror stricken, the mob was threatening to kill me and my family. They had weapons in their hands and started to brandish them before me. I thought they would kill all of us. I refused to leave my home – I had paid for it fairly and they had no right to ask me to leave.”

When Boota Masih remained adamant and refused to vacate the house, the mob began beating him violently with iron rods and wooden sticks. This was not all, some of the people from the mob locked the Christian family inside a room of their house and set it on fire.”I broke the door down using all my strength, desperate to live and to save my family. Soon other local Christians came to rescue us, they put out the flames and called the fire brigade”.

Few months ago, Boota Masih and his family including a wife and six children had moved to the house after he purchased the house from Ghulam Ali after paying 1 million rupees. Since the deal was oral and two witnesses were present when Boota Masih made the payment while written legal documentation was made. For this reason, the purchase became controversial.

It is speculated that wife of Ghulam Ali had incited the attack on the Christian family. On the other side, local Christians testify to the noble character of Boota saying that he has been living in this area for decades. All these years Boota has earned a good reputation in the eyes of the public. He makes both ends meet by selling fruit in a local market while his wife works in a school.

Police on the other hand, are reluctant to file and FIR saying that a complaint will not be registered until a thorough investigations will be made into the details provided by Boota Masih. This attack has left the family of Boota Masih terrified while local Christians are also fearful.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender strongly condemns such acts of violence which create fear of insecurity among Christians and urges authority to take strict measures to stop such happenings and to punish the perpetrators.

We at LEAD provide free legal assistance to those victims of Human Rights Violation who can not afford to pay heavy legal cost of lawyers. Sardar Mushtaq Gill , Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court ,whe is head of LEAD , has dedicated his services for humanity and  for those who are victims of human rights violations.

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